The Textile Study Group of NY:
The Gold Standard of
Textile and Fiber Art

Ingenuity writ large; technique knit large

Show Dates: Feb 5 – Feb 23, 2020

Special Closing Event

The Gold Standard: Juror and Artist Talk
Sunday February 23rd from 1pm to 5:45 pm

Between 40-45 artists will be at the gallery on Sunday 23rd to talk about their work.

1:00pm to 3:00pm artists-with name tags on will circulate or be by their work to discuss it with interested viewers.

3:00pm to 3:30pm Lauren Whitley, the juror will speak in the main gallery.

3:30pm to 5:45 pm artists will be by their own art work to speak about it to interested folks and to answer any questions.

6:00pm the show closes

Questions please contact:

Westbeth Gallery and The Textile Study Group of New York are pleased to announce an exciting new show that explores the visual, dimensional and artistic language of fiber and textile.

“At a time when our collective attention is dangerously adrift, trapped in the freefall of our social-media feeds and snared in a pit of fake facts, handwork provides a firm anchor. It cannot be spun. It gives us something to believe in.”
Glenn Adamson, Senior Scholar,
Yale Center for British Art

How do 80 artists, working primarily in fiber, hone their conception of beauty and truth while integrating a mixture of materials ( both natural and synthetic ) with technique? The amazing feature of this show is how the work of individual artists working within the same medium can be totally different… even provocative.

The debate about fiber art as fine art is, thankfully, moot. Contemporary fiber art prioritizes aesthetic value over utility. Manual labor, choice of materials, and process are prized elements of a work’s significance. Dialectical thinking guides the work of these multi-layered artists in a way demonstrating that ingenuity triumphs over all.

For example, who knew that cable ties could be employed in such a seductive way? Who knew that leather and suede cut with an xacto knife could express so much about urban life… while weaving in social commentary? Who knew that electronic sensors cold be seamlessly integrated into an alluring form? We could go on and on.

Handwork cannot be described. It must be seen. “It gives us something to believe in.”

The Textile Study Group of New York (TSGNY) in its 42nd anniversary this year, is dedicated to the study and appreciation of fiber arts in all forms, from historic cloth to contemporary installation, from textile design to tensile architecture.

Show Juror: Lauren Whitley, senior curator in the David and Roberta Logie Department of Textile and Fashion Arts at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, helps oversee a global collection of 55,000 textiles, costumes, and accessories. She has curated more than 14 exhibitions including #techstyle and Hippie Chic. A Ph.D. candidate, she is focusing her research on textiles at the 1933 New York World’s Fair.


Liz Alpert Fay, Ludmila Aristova, Meredith Armstrong, Kate Barber, Polly Barto, Katherine Bennett,Stacy Bogdonoff, Allegra Brelsford, Eva Camacho, Sayzie Carr, Leonie Castelino, Anne-Claude Cotty, Don DonCee Coulter, Virginia Davis,Rachael Dorr, Chiaki Dosho, Emily Dvorin, Patricia Frik, Jayne Gaskins, Irene Gennaro,Sandra Golbert, Joyce Goodman, Carolyn Halliday, Liz Hamilton Quay, Marilyn Henrion, Susan Hensel, Pat Hickman, Eileen Hoffman, Leslie Horan Simon, Lauren Horowitz, Mary Jaeger, Tracy Jamar,Ruth Jeyaveeran, Setsuko Jimbo, Mo Kelman,Julia Kiechel, Judy Kirpich, Nancy Koenigsberg, Dianne Koppisch Hricko, Lisa Lackey, Fannie Lee, Janet Levine, Elaine Longtemps, Mary Lor,Patricia Malarcher, Saberah Malik, Ruth Marchese,mDorothy McGuinness,Susan Moss, Yasuko Okumura, Sui Park, Helen Perry,Bonnie Peterson, Tanya Prather,mEllen Ramsey, Szilvia Revesz, Patricia Rogers,Kari Roslund, CARO, Lois Russell, Ellen Schiffman, Robin Schwalb, Chizuko Sekiguch, Julia Shepley, Adrienne Sloane,Elizabeth Starcevic, Hillary Steel,mAmy Supton, Kim Svoboda,Naomi Tarantal,Sumiko Tasaka, Charlotte Thorp, K. Velis Turan,Betty Vera, Ann Vollum, Shari Werner, Saaraliisa Ylitalo, Ada Yonenaka, Pamela Zave, Betti Zucker.

Show Dates: Feb 5 – Feb 23, 2020
Opening Reception: Wednesday Feb 5 from 6PM – 9PM

At: Westbeth Gallery
55 Bethune St
between Washington and West Sts.

More info on The Textile Study Group of New York HERE

For information on the show:
Harriet Cherry Cheney
C:914-330-3335/T: 914-591-0198

After February 10,
Contact Ann Vollum

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