Welcome to Westbeth

Westbeth Artists Housing was founded in 1970 in New York City to provide affordable housing for artists and their families. Its mission is to be a resource and generator of artistic endeavor for artists working in the fields of literary, visual, and performing arts.

Within the complex are spaces devoted to the creation and presentation of art by resident and guest artists, and by the arts organizations located here.

Events, exhibitions and workshops sponsored by Westbeth, often in partnership with cultural or community organizations, are offered at the Westbeth Gallery, the Westbeth Community Room and other venues at low cost or free to the public.


All performances, exhibitions and classes at Westbeth Gallery and Westbeth Community Room have been postponed until further notice.

We will reschedule our programming when the conditions allow.

Artist Opportunities

1. With Our Hands - A Digital Grassroots Campaign Submit a 15 second video on crafting an object. 2. AIRIE Residency inside Everglades National Park

New Work by Westbeth artists

Currently featuring Robert Bunkin, Jean Wolff, and Scott Marshall.

Westbeth Chronicles
Life at Westbeth.

In honor of 50th anniversary, stories by current and former residents.

Free Zoom Classes

Sing Time Sessions Balance and Strength Training

Westbeth In Memoriam

Theodore Fried, Lucia Veranelli, and Patricia Hacker.