Welcome to Westbeth

Westbeth Artists Housing was founded in 1970 in New York City to provide affordable housing for artists and their families. Its mission is to be a resource and generator of artistic endeavor for artists working in the fields of literary, visual, and performing arts.

Within the complex are spaces devoted to the creation and presentation of art by resident and guest artists, and by the arts organizations located here.

Events, exhibitions and workshops sponsored by Westbeth, often in partnership with cultural or community organizations, are offered at the Westbeth Gallery, the Westbeth Community Room and other venues at low cost or free to the public.

Starts Election Day Nov 2, 2021 plus the following weekend

Westbeth FLEA MARKET is back!
Bargains Galore & Affordable Art

Westbeth Basement

Oct 14, - Nov 13, 2021


Westbeth Gallery

Thurs Oct 28, 2021 at 7PM

Louna Dekker Vargas
France & Japan
Works for Flute

Westbeth Community Room

Oct 2, 2021 Permanent Installation

Veronica Ryan
Unveils New Permanent Work

Hackney Borough, England

Sept - October 2021

Anita Steckel
Politics of Desire and Oppression in Art

Hannah Hoffman Gallery Los Angeles

Sept 10 - Nov 8, 2021

Susan Berger
Mohawk Hudson Region Art Exhibit

Albany International Airport Gallery

Nov 16, 2021 publish date

Kate Walter
Behind the Mask
A memoir

Heliotrope Books

October - November 2021

Michelle Weinberg
Geo Grid Lamp Posts Installation

Lower Manhattan

Oct 2 - Nov 6, 2021

Barbara Hammer
Tell Me There Is a Lesbian Forever

Company Gallery

Oct 2 - Oct 30, 2021

Robert Bunkin
Recent Paintings
Family, Friends, Neighbors

Hudson Park Library

Sept 12, 2021

RODARTE SPRING 2022 at Westbeth

Westbeth Courtyard

March 31 - September 30, 2021

Westbeth at 50
50 Creative Moments
and Photography Installations

Bethune Lobby, Project Room, Inner Courtyard

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Begins Sept 10, 2021

Sing Time Sessions
with Eve Zanni Begins Sept 10, 2021

ZOOM and Live in Community Room

Click for more details.

You’re Never Too Old to Play

An acting class for seniors which includes improvisation and story telling. Contact for an interview.

Artist Opportunities

Creative Capital offers workshops for artists, including archiving and grant writing. Register now

New Work by Westbeth artists

Currently featuring Olive Ayhens, painter

Westbeth Chronicles
Life at Westbeth.

In honor of the 50th anniversary, stories by current and former residents. Joan Beard on Richard Hundley, and Paul Collins on living at Westbeth.

Westbeth In Memoriam

Najeeb (Geeby) Dajani record producer and deejay, Joseph Pollet painter