Artist Residency at Chautauqua Visual Arts

The 2021 artists-in-residence program will run from July 25–August 28, 2021
Deadline for Applications is March 2, 2021 midnight

CVA welcomes students and emerging artists who have yet to receive wide recognition of their work, including artists as young as juniors in college. Artists who engage in all media are encouraged to apply. This is an environment that promotes collaboration, exchange, and an openness to other art forms at Chautauqua, which includes dance, theater, music and more.

Eligibility is limited to artists whose work has not yet been recognized internationally, including those as young as 21 years old. College enrollment is not a requirement to attend our program. Up to 38 positions are available. The Lead Faculty and Artistic Director as a group will select participants who will enter into the program. Applications will be judged by the artistic excellence of the work submitted as well as the answers provided to questions in the application. Financial ability to fully pay for fees to attend plays no role in the decision process and jurying of applications. International artists are encouraged to apply.

Everyone who does not receive acceptance into our program will receive a response and brief feedback on their application. In addition, we will host a Zoom gathering with those who did not receive admission into the School of Art residency program with an offer to take a Masters Session with one of our Lead Faculty.

Information on Application, and Jurying process HERE

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

We look forward to receiving your application!

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