Artifacts & After Effects

Culture Push:
Artifacts and After Effects

Artifacts & After Effects

Culture Push Culture Push presents interactive and engaging work from 13 artists from the Fellowship for Utopian Practice. Through the Fellowship, Culture Push supports artists and professionals as they develop ambitious and civically engaged work.

Participating Artists: Nancy Nowacek, Alicia Grullon, Chloƫ Bass, Jen Kennedy & Liz Linden, Go! Push Pops (Katie Cercone & Elisa Garcia de la Huerta), Barrie Cline, Olaronke Akinmowo, aricoco, Sarah Dahnke, Lise Brenner, Victoya Venise, James Andrews, and Aiesha Turman.

Opening Reception 6pm – 8pm.
At 7pm there will be a performance from members of Dances for Solidarity, the project of current Culture Push Fellow, Sarah Dahnke.

Performers will integrate choreography that has been received from incarcerated pen pals with the original Dance for Solidarity — a series of movements sent to individuals in solitary confinement with an invitation to dance and create a sense of solidarity with others both incarcerated and not who may be doing the dance at the same time.

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