Westbeth Gallery: GRAND GESTURES 2
Mar 22 – April 6

Opening Reception Mar 22, 6pm – 8 pm

GRAND GRESTURES 2 is a 4-Person show featuring abstract artists: Audrey Code, Richard Karp, Helen Levin and Hedy O’Beil.

Audrey Code‘s paintings are about transformation. She begins with drawings of natural forms: the figure, botanicals, landscape, the sea, the cosmos. In the process, the drawings transform into abstractions that create the movement of nature and the changing universe.

Richard Karp fills his large canvases with pulsating organic forms in “hot” colors of orange, yellow and red. The weighted black line above acts like a bridge connecting the mysterious organic forms below.

Helen Levin creates a roomful of organic forms that appear to be moving inside and out within the small room they inhabit. Lots of complexity here where the shapes seem to be competing for their rightful place in the universe or at least, the square of the canvas.

Within the challenge of creating a painting, or solving the problem of — “What do I do now?” Hedy O’Beil appears to be settling in. Her current work is wonderfully peaceful where rectangular shapes quietly take their place in a serene space. Gently, pink, blue and yellow float along as if to say, “Why rush?”

The gallery is open Tuesday – Sunday 1pm – 6 pm. For more info: 212 989 4650

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