Video of Karin Batten’s New Paintings
at June Kelly Gallery

Karin Batten // "New Paintings" // June Kelly Gallery from Izzy Nova on Vimeo.

“My new series of work is inspired by the evocative and distinct places I find while traveling. In 2018, I went to Puerto Rico and Costa Rica to find inspiration for my new works and I help with the relief effort. While there, I visited Playa Negra, a black sand beach, formed from an earlier volcano. Inspired by the magma, I brought some back and integrated its rich mysterious color and texture into this body of work. Seeing the uniquely colored feather patterns of Costa Rican birds first hand while surrounded by fauna and butterflies left me with a feeling for intense color that I work to capture in my paintings. These authentic discoveries and moments help enrich each work with its own story and its own unique world.”

Video by Izzy Nova and Wyatt Rexach

See more work by Karin Batten HERE

June Kelly Gallery 166 Mercer Street NYC
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