Susan Berger
Feminist Art Museum


The Feminist Art Museum is a digital art Museum featuring the best in intersectional art. We showcase works that embrace the nuances of all feminisms. We aim to raise awareness of societal inequities and positive ways to disrupt them through visual art.

The exhibition is called: “PROTEST & PROTECT

The site is


These works explore the interests of women in our society and how women sacrificed and had to take the abuses that came with their way.
Direct link is: and then follows by arrow #10 and #11

“Let it be clear that our democracy is that fragile” 30″(w) x 20″(h)

“Judy Blume – Blubber Banned Books — OnCensorship” 18″(h) x 36″(w)

“Dignity of work: UAW on Strike- Women Protesting” 36″(w) x 36″(h)

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