Photo by Richard Termine for NY Times

David Greenspan receives rave view in NY Times for his solo performance in STRANGE INTERLUDE now playing at Irondale Center in Brooklyn until Nov 18,2017

Photo by Richard Termine for NY Times

Photo by Richard Termine for NY Times

While there were nine actors in that original production, at Irondale there is just one: the extraordinary David Greenspan, whose performance is such a feat of daring that merely getting through it would have been an accomplishment.

Yet he is masterful. Watching him is like witnessing a recitation, a prayer, a madness, a modern ballet.

Directed by Jack Cummings III, this production is storytelling at its purest. At once faithful and irreverent, it’s an illuminating interpretation that is alert to the script’s inadvertent comedy and delighted to mine it.

– Laura Collins-Hughes for NY Times

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Irondale Center
85 S. Oxford St.

Category Off Broadway, Solo Performance, Play
Runtime 6 hrs.
Written by Eugene O’Neill
Performed by David Greenspan
Developed with Kristina Corcoran Williams;
Directed by Jack Cummings III
Cast David Greenspan P
Review October 6, 2017
Opened October 21, 2017 Closing Date November 18, 2017
Upcoming Shows
Wednesday October 25 5:00 pm
Friday October 27 5:00 pm
Saturday October 28 5:00 pm
Wednesday November 1 5:00 pm
Thursday November 2 5:00 pm

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