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You’re Never Too Old to Play is an acting class for seniors., conducted by Nancy Gabor and Paul Binnerts, it includes improvisation and storytelling.

It is sponsored by Westbeth Artists Residents Council and Little Island, NYC

We are interviewing residents 60 and older. Please contact for information

Class times are:
DAY -Thursdays
PLACE – Westbeth Community Room

A sound and movement storytelling workshop performance on July 22, 2021 at Little Island, NYC

Video filmed and edited by Mourrice Papi.

You’re Never Too Old to Play is a workshop for seniors about about their experience with the Covid pandemic and the memories it inspired. Conducted by Westbeth artists Nancy Ganotr and Paul Binnerts.

Paul Binnerts international theater director, author, playwright, acting teacher, novelist and publicist on theater since 1968, renowned expert on the ‘epic theater’ of Bertolt Brecht, presently lives and works in New York and Amsterdam, together with his wife, director and acting teacher Nancy Gabor.

Nancy Gabor “What was it that I loved most about the work of the Open Theatre and
 Grotowski? I think it was the emphasis on the inexhaustible energy and potential of the actor.”

Sponsored by Westbeth Artists Residents Council
Supported by Little Island
Curated by Pigpen Theatre Company

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