Anne Brody — Painter

For as long as I can remember, I have been involved with the study, the observation, and the creation of art. As a young person I lived in Japan, where I learned to appreciate the Asian aesthetic. Studying color and drawing with Josef Albers was inspirational. It gave me my first opportunity to discover my special sensitivity to color and also to create my first original artwork. I fell in love with paint—the purity of the color, the texture, and the pleasure of applying the paint to the canvas until the final stroke.

For the past several years I have spent most of my summers in a country setting. For the first time I truly discovered the changing seasons, the mystery of a garden, the beauty of a small river. The variety of colors and textures were overwhelming and so I decided to simplify my work. Now I used a pencil to describe what I was seeing. Initially, I drew from nature, but found that to be a totally frustrating experience. When I began to experiment in my studio with my pencil and discovered the variety of tone and texture, I felt more satisfied. Each drawing is an experiment in form and space. I have found much satisfaction in my pencil and hope this is conveyed to the viewer.

Nature is the inspiration. I am the catalyst. The drawings are the end result. The act of drawing the repetitive forms is a meditation. The final works are a combination of tone and texture, which reflect my perception of the natural world. The paintings are inner landscapes.