Westbeth Volunteers help Speaker Corey Johnson’s Office

Westbeth volunteers: Blanka Harper, Mar Reagon, Samantha Hall, Halina Warren, and others, plus Erik Bottcher, Chief of Staff for Speaker Corey Johnson

NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson’s office distributed 2,000 pantry boxes to homebound seniors and families across Council District 3.

IAC and High Line together purchased $50,000 worth of Fresh Direct boxes filled with groceries.

Volunteers from an effort launched by Johnson’s office will deliver the boxes to residents. Volunteers called thousands of seniors to check that they had supplies. The boxes will also go to public housing complexes and other affordable housing buildings for distribution.

“When times are tough, New Yorkers come together and help one another,” Johnson said.

– Beth Dedman
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l-r Blanka Harper, Halina Warren, Samantha Hall, and Mar Reagon

At NYCHA Fulton Houses with volunteers and Westbeth ladies preparing 200 Trader Joe’s pantry bags containing a total of 600 meals for seniors for COVID relief.

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