Westbeth Gallery: BARBARA SLITKIN February 2 – 17, 2013

Walls Talking Freely: Once upon a Brain, an Earful of Birds Smile. Recent paintings and sculpture.
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday Feb 2, 7pm – 10pm

Walls Talking Freely: Once upon a Brain, an Earful of Birds Smile.

A large body of work that presents to the viewer metaphorical fairytale experiences of life ongoing, that challenge the myth, angst, and promise of American themes of shifting the assemblage point, assessments about original life purpose, heart.
Of recent paintings and 3.D from collections to date, one may enter an artist’s joyous, sensual world, personas in style, mood, and reflection. Words, conditions for surrender, open ended questions, chaos beyond control. Abstract landscapes, birds, elemental creatures, organic empowerment touch on the more emotional heroic sides of life and love, or roll the stone up the hill some way.
Subjectively pushing comfortable boundaries, tap that glorious glut of which has pervaded global spaces, universe that is the interior being.
And how to creatively find self-looking beyond fractured fairytales, sadness in love life. Surreal pockets of time. Abstracted all up, to see and discover varieties of confirmation within non logic initiation cycles.
Summing it all up in various mediums, sculptural objects, often paint, switching from what is known to what is not, looking for more. Seeking, stretching, along Red Riding-hood’s second puberty. Being a singular journey of youth replayed.

Barbara Slitkin Bio

What inspires me is the spiritual dimension of life, and how we evolve as people. As an artist it is creative development, interaction with the forces and undercurrents that exist from within and without.
At five years old I drew a nurse on the walls of my pink bedroom. I got punished. Somehow that confirmed to me I would grow to be an artist.
My Mother and Father encouraged my artist training; after all, I would marry rich and live happily ever after.
Mom made me a wonderful Red Riding-hood costume for Halloween one year. Dad also had a turn wearing it for a grownup costume contest, with great effect.
I was often frustrated looking through want ads to find a job.
This changed. My life leads me step by step to fully be supported by art.
I’ve been interviewed on News 4 New York. As well as a few radio and TV Cable networks.
Curated or in collections of Museum and Gallery Shows Worldwide. Have students and Agencies that continue to enrich and support my art.

Westbeth Gallery

enter at 55 Bethune Street at Washington Street, or
155 Bank Street through courtyard

Wednesday – Sunday 1 pm – 6 pm or by appointment

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