Jon D’Orazio, Painter/Sculptor

Resident at Westbeth since 1970

Stories Mollie Tureske Told Me, Part 2

Much later, I ran into Mollie one evening, and she said to me, “Jon, I’ve never had you over to dinner.” I immediately told her that she had. She wanted to invite me again. As before, very soon after I arrived, she filled two tall glasses all the way to the brim with vodka. As we enjoyed talking over dinner, she had another story for me. It so happens, one day while walking on 34th Street, Mollie heard someone calling out, “Mollie! Mollie!” Looking across the street, she saw Mark Rothko. She shouted for him to cross the street. When he came up to her, she exclaimed, “Mark, what is the matter, you look terrible.” He said, “I can’t face the blank canvas anymore. I have work in galleries and museums all over the world. They all want me to do the same paintings over and over again. I’m tired of it.” Mollie learned a week later that Mark had committed suicide.

I have many other unique Westbeth stories from over these past 50 years. Many thanks to my Westbeth neighbors.

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