Joan Hall, Collage Artist/Lecturer/Poet

Resident at Westbeth since 1971

Fun-Filled Days

I came to Westbeth in ’71

Found a way to have some fun

These days my memory fades

But I recall my rollerblades

For the perfect spot I was waiting

The place to do my roller skating

At this moment I recall

Skating in the Westbeth hall

A better place could not be found

As those floors go round and round

I was lucky and I think

I found the perfect skating rink

But cut short were my days of fun

The management declared, “You’re done!”

Apparently, I caused a fright

Careening at the speed of light

The poor woman in the hall

Suffered a most sudden fall

Then there was such a crash

That lady landed on her ass

I felt really, really sad

Although her fall was not that bad

But, complain, she surely did

And so my skating was forbid

Then I had to change my ways

Ending all those fun-filled days.

Photo credit: Frankie Alduino

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