Doris Mare, Designer/Psychoanalytic Administrator

Resident at Westbeth since 1970

Quinn’s Tale

My son Andrew and Django Martel became friends when they were two years old, and are friends still. We lived doors away from Django’s parents, Huguette and Ralph. The boys built Legos constantly, adding their “whimsies” from the Gift Arbor on Bleecker Street to their constructions. When they became teenagers, they started a band. They rented a studio on Charles Lane. They had gigs at CBGB and some dive bars. When that didn’t seem to go anywhere, they started to pursue other careers. Andrew discovered computers and eventually became a network administrator. Django fulfilled his dream to be a veterinarian, now a veterinary dentist.

My story: I grew up with dogs and bought my own when I was in college. Then I met Emil. He had just transferred from advertising design to fine arts, so I was intrigued as I was very interested in art. Unfortunately, he was very allergic, and I had to give up my dog. I pined terribly for a dog. In 2016 I ran into Django when he was visiting his dad. I said to him that “I’m desperate. Tell me what dog to get.” He said one word, “Poodle.” On New Year’s Eve, I started the adoption process. It took a while because I was looking for a particular breed. I agreed to adopt a “senior” dog. We also had to be vetted to be sure that Emil didn’t have an allergic reaction. It worked out, and we were able to adopt Quinn. He had dental issues, and Django operated on him at the Animal Medical Center. The next day he operated on a gorilla at the Central Park Zoo!

Oh, Andrew and Django are talking about starting a band again. Andrew plays in a band near his home in Dutchess County, but he wants to do this too.

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