Speaker Corey Johnson, IAC and The
High Line donate food

The donations of food boxes were made possible by funding from both IAC, a consortium of companies headed by Barry Diller, and The High Line. Donations were coordinated by Speaker Corey Johnson of the NYC Council, and spearheaded by Erik Bottcher, Chief of Staff for Speaker Johnson’s office. THANK YOU TO ALL!

In addition to Erik, also shown in the photograph are a few members of the Westbeth Emergency Response Committee which was formed in early March consisting of resident volunteers – filmmakers, actors, painters, writers, musicians, photographers, etc. Organized into a system of communication and feedback via floor captains, the committee has coordinated the distribution of free masks ( many handmade by volunteers from the Westbeth Beautification Committee), free safety glasses (a donation from former resident), information bulletins, shopping assistance, and emergency help.

The Committee has worked closely with the Westbeth Board of Directors, the CEO of Westbeth, and the Westbeth Artists Residents Council who themselves have worked tirelessly with Westbeth’s office, maintenance and security staff to ensure a safe, healthy and positive environment for residents and essential personnel.

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Volunteer Opportunities City Wide

Contact NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson for info. The demand for help is enormous.

Corey Johnson’s Chief of Staff, Eric Bottcher has identified various community and and church organizations in our neighborhood that could use help during the crisis. It could be as simple as making a phone call to chat with apartment-bound senior, or delivering medication.

Contact Eric at: ebottcher@council.nyc.gov