Simon Carr:
Bakery, Snow, Toddler.
Recent Paintings


These are very recent paintings, based on drawings done in the neighborhood, and at home, and worked on over a long period.

The new bakery on 8th Ave near Jane St., Aux Merveilleux de Fred, has presented a lot of possibilities as a focus for street scenes. I am just beginning to explore some of these ideas. The large windows, showing the bakers at work, first attracted me, and the paintings expanded from there.

The snow scene along the river was begun from drawings done in the fall, and worked on through this winter. It is just now becoming clear enough to show.

The toddler has been very difficult in a variety of ways. Rendering his face in a way that is consistent with the painting took time. Putting him in space seemed impossible, until I included the cat and dog. In the interaction of the three I got a start.

The paintings change dramatically as they develop, figures and other elements come and go, everything can change, but the initial impulse, the core of the event seen, must remain and develop for the painting to succeed.

All the paintings are acrylic, with many layers of paint and sand mixed in and were done in 2014-2015.
I am very pleased to follow John Dobbs on this wall

Access to Westbeth Hall Gallery: 24/7

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Simon Carr is a painter, living and working in NYC. He has lived in Westbeth since 1990. He is represented by the Bowery Gallery.

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