Kate Walter
in the Village Sun

photo: Kate Walter

“As the lockdown drags on, I’ve had several meltdowns. One day my Verizon Fios went out. Not having the Internet scared me. I was shaking when I couldn’t get a signal and saw the red light. I recalled that, in the past, unplugging it for a minute or two, then replugging, usually restored the connection. I did that and said a prayer. It came back!

Another time my smartphone stopped working. I got a signal that it was overheated. I had never ever seen that before and I freaked out. I called my computer-savvy contacts, grateful I still had a land line. I took it out of the case, put it aside for an hour. They said it would probably come back. After it did (more prayers), my 15-year-old grandnephew, an iPhone wiz, told me to turn down the brightness and delete any apps I’m not using.

The other meltdown came from a dental problem. A temporary crown cracked and fell apart. (Yes, I know, I need an implant). I took an ugly selfie and called my dentist. He thought it would hold up until he could see me. Told me to file down the jaggy edges.”

-Kate Walter in The Villager Sun

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