Karen Ludwig
Video Conversations with prominent actors, directors and writers.


Over the course of 4 years, Karen Ludwig conducted a series of conversations with prominent actors, directors and writers under the auspices of the New School for Drama. Her interviews focused on the work of creating, influences, introspection and resulted in surprising and in-depth responses from her guests which include Cynthia Nixon, Jeremy Irons, John Guare, Josh Hamilton, Lucas Hedges, Ethan Hawke, Cherry Jones, Dale Soules, among many more.

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Actor, director, writer and teacher.

Her Broadway credits include PRELUDE TO A KISS with Steve Guttenberg and John Randolph, BROADWAY BOUND with Joan Rivers, THE DEVILS with Anne Bancroft, THE BACCHAE with Irene Pappas and many plays at the Public Theater. She was a member of Andre Gregory’s Manhattan Project for two years and performed in THE SEAGULL and Wallace Shawn’s OUR LATE NIGHT with the Company throughout the United States and Europe. Her first film was Woody Allen’s MANHATTAN, (Meryl Streep’s lover and most recently THAT AWKWARD MOMENT with Zach Efron. She wrote WHERE WAS I?, a solo show that she performed at Joe’s Pub. She produced and directed UTA HAGEN’S ACTING CLASS with Pennie duPont; a two-part DVD of her incomparable teacher and friend. UTAHAGENVIDEO.COM . Ms. Ludwig has taught abroad including Amsterdam, Israel and Australia as well as USC Film School, UCLA, NYU and is currently on the faculty of The New School and HB Studio in NYC.

While shooting an episode of LAW AND ORDER, in which Jeremy Irons was starring, she asked him if he’d be willing to talk to her students at The New School. He did and that led to Karen asking more prominent actors she had worked with, like Cherry Jones and that was the beginning of Karen’s interview series, About the Work. All in all, 41 actors, directors, and writers were interviewed.

Photo: Frankie Alduino

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