Jennifer Lombard launches Stay at Home

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This month I launched a new theater and literacy project for children who are homeschooling due to COVID restrictions. My goal is to encourage home play making among children ages 5-17. To do this I have created an online library of funny, interesting, age appropriate plays that children can access for free while they are under quarantine. Currently, there are 8 authors represented on the site, with more plays being posted every week. Most importantly, the site is starting to get some traffic from families and the feedback has been wonderful.

I hope you will check out Stay At Home Plays HERE

When kids engage with plays that are a good fit for them, language skills such as interpretation, fluency and vocal expression don’t have to be taught. They just happen. Also, there is the social aspect of reading plays—to get the most out of a play you really have to read it with someone else. Dramatic literature written specifically for child actors has an incredible potential as a teaching tool. So why don’t we, as parents and teachers, read more plays with children?

Kids are stressed. They need to have fun. So do we.

So why not read a play? Make a joke! Add a costume or a prop. Become someone else for a few minutes and see where it takes you and your child.

And if you are a playwright reading this, we are imploring you—send us your plays! Kids need your imagination, your vision and your humor. You can save the world, one living room at a time!

Playwright info HERE

About Jenny Lombard
Jenny Lombard is a NYC public school drama teacher as well as a writer. Her plays have been produced at Ensemble Studio Theater, The Atlantic Theater Company and others. As a TV writer, she has written for MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. She is also the author of the middle grade novel Drita, My Homegirl.

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