Dana Gordon
Painting 1968-2018

Dana Gordon‘s acclaimed painting has been seen in many solo exhibitions in New York City and elsewhere, including the Sideshow Gallery, (2013, 2017), the Andre Zarre Gallery (1997,
2014), the Painting Center (1994), 55 Mercer Gallery (1993, 1994), and the Ericson Gallery (1982), and El Camino Real in Boca Raton (2003) among others. His painting also has been in many group shows including at the Paolo Baldacci, Peder Bonnier, Charles Cowles, Kouros, Janet Kurnatowski, Ledis Flam, Sideshow, Blondie’s, and PS122 galleries. Gordon was one of the founders of New York’s Painting Center in 1993. His most recent solo exhibition was at the Galerie Metanoia in Paris, France in September 2018.

The Westbeth Gallery is pleased to present a survey of over thirty of the distinctive abstract paintings of Dana Gordon, painted over the past fifty years.

Westbeth Gallery March 2-23, 2019 Opening Sat, March 2, 4-7pm

Unknown Unknowns acrylic on canvas 48×60

Gordon was born in Boston in 1944 and grew up in Chicago. He has spent his artistic career in New York City since 1967, with the exception of years in the 1970s when he taught at the Uni- versities of Michigan, Massachusetts and Wisconsin, and the Honolulu Museum of Art. His awards include a Pollock Krasner Fellowship and residencies at the Edward Albee Foundation.

Siesta oil on canvas 82×76

The artist received a BA in art from Brown University in 1966 and an MA in art from Hunter College in 1969. He worked as assistant to artists Tony Smith and George Sugarman in their studios in the late 1960s. In 1966-67, Gordon studied photography with Aaron Siskind at the ID in Chicago. In addition to painting during 1967-78, Gordon also made avant-garde flms, shown in solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art and flm museums internationally. Gordon’s writing on art (particularly on Camille Pissarro) has appeared in Commentary Magazine, the
Wall Street Journal, the New York Sun, the Jerusalem Post, and Painter’s Table.

From critical commentary on Dana Gordon’s art:

David Cohen, Art Critical, on FB, 2018: Lucky Paris.

James Panero, Painters’ Table, 2017: Matches painterly intuition with a philosophical awareness…. Gordon is one of those creative originals.

Ann Saul, Delicious Line, 2017: These powerful paintings are not for the faint-of-heart.

James Panero, New Criterion, 2014: While many artists paint widely, Gordon paints deeply…. Gordon knows “what only painting can do.”

Grace Glueck, New York Times, 1997: … a very lively eyefest.

Hilton Kramer, Artforum, 1995: …among artists I would include in the Whitney Biennial.

Jonas Mekas, letter, 1995: What my little visit to your studio did, it restored my faith in art.

Helen Harrison, New York Times, 1994: …beautiful paintings, filled with the controlled exuber- ance of a carefully orchestrated spectacle.

Valentin Tatransky, catalog essay, 1992: Look at his pictures again and again.

John Russell, New York Times, 1987: …well worth seeking out…a painter of whom it would be good to see more.
Linda Gross, L.A.Times, 1978: … for purists and pioneers in pursuit of new perceptions.

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