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Walls and Borders
Sculptors Guild

September 12 – October 9, 2021
Opening Reception Sunday September 12 2PM – 5PM

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 1PM -6PM

Curator Dr Bruce Weber

The Sculptors Guild celebrates the re-opening of the Westbeth Gallery.

Dr. Bruce Weber received his Ph.D. in art history at the Graduate School of the City University of New York, where he studied with his longtime mentor Dr. William H. Gerdts. A leading scholar of American art. Dr. Weber has served as a curator at several museums, and as the director of research and exhibitions at a leading New York gallery. He has curated many exhibitions of historical and contemporary art. Among other topics he has written on the art of William Merritt Chase, Robert Frederick Blum, Marsden Hartley, Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Stuart Davis, and has organized shows on such diverse topics as the apple and rose in American art, silverpoint drawing and contemporary figurative sculpture. In recent years he has been researching, lecturing and writing on the art of the historical Woodstock art colony, including such sculptors as Raoul Hague, Alexander Archipenko, Wilhelm Hunt Diederich and Tomas Penning.

The Sculptors Guild
The mission of the Sculptors Guild is to promote, encourage, and support sculptors and sculpture through personal interaction, professional development, exhibitions and community outreach.

The Sculptors Guild was founded in 1937 and is one of the oldest artist-run organizations in New York City. The founders were at the forefront of American Modernism rejecting the staid conventions of traditional figurative art. Their primary objective, as stated in an early exhibition catalogue was: “to unite sculptors of all progressive aesthetic tendencies into a vital organization.”
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Opening Reception
Thurs, October 14, 6-9pm Show Runs through November 13
Wed-Sun 1-6pm

Contact: Curator Samantha Hall (646) 309 7109
Westbeth Gallery: 57 Bethune Street, New York, NY 10014

Westbeth Home of the Arts is back with a bang after a long hiatus due to Covid and what better way to do this? by bringing together 8 amazing and uniquely different artists who’s take on the phrase:

Sign Of The Times
“Something judged to exemplify or indicate the nature or quality of a particular period”
Each artist has their own point of view whether its personal, political or time specific. The show features paintings, photography, a combination of both, sculpture, free hand paper cutting, dioramas and installation. These works will provoke us to question what is going on in the world right now and what kind of world are we leaving to future generations.


Illtyd Barrett, Christina Duarte, Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen, Stephen Hall, Steve Joester, Martin Mahoney, Rob Plater, Robert Ross

Illtyd Barrett
Barrett will explore the phenomena of the rise of populism and consumerism which has led to a climate of anti intellectualism and religious fundamentalism. Using hand made pigments and substrates, Barrett proposes to exhibit both sculpture and 2D elements reflecting the above concerns.

Christina Duarte
Now is the time to recognize that society requires women to behave in a particular way that often hides their true selves. My pieces are a diptych dialogue about women showing two sides of their personalities as a narration of rising against prejudice, sexism and the stigma of personal struggle.

Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen
Cut Work, is a free hand paper cutting process that charts the contours of our ever- changing emotional experience through the movement of form, line, color, and light and shadow. Evolving over the course of ten years, Cut Work traveled through Gregory- Gruen’s diverse vocabulary of mediums from paper and metal, to leather and 12-gauge gunshot blasts to understand the play between visceral emotional responses and meditative rest.

Stephen Hall
I continue to make paintings that draw attention to our planet in crisis.
Whether it is plastic pollution or the fossil fuel industry and climate change, it is most certainly greed at the heart of it. I draw attention to these things by rendering scenes that show the beauty of our natural world juxtaposed with symbols of the aforementioned.

Steve Joester
Capturing the cultural explosion propelled by Rock n Roll from the Rolling Stones to the Sex Pistols. Loud, brash, colorful and fueled by youth rebellion!

Martin Mahoney
Always had a keen interest in photography which has intensified recently due to the alarming acceleration in the gentrification of his beloved East Village, attempting to capture what’s left of the old neighborhood and its denizens, which are being replaced by glass boxes, banks and bubble tea joints.…

Rob Plater
The re-appropriation of styles and traditions within Robert’s work serves to bridge the gap between his favorite genres within the extensive history of image making.

Robert Ross

Westbeth Open House
Video tours by resident artists.



Link Here to Open House NY Video Tour of Westbeth

Experience newly filmed vignettes of Westbeth the largest artists community in the country.

Resident artists lead individual video journeys around this landmarked building.

History, architecture, the arts and artists of Westbeth , and visits to artists’ studios are all a part of this online series.

More info at Open House New York



A film screening of the 1973 Open Theater production, directed by Joe Chaikin

Performance by The Open Theater, directed by Joseph Chaikin, a fluid montage of scenes, ideas and personalities, mostly created by the actors themselves in rehearsal, called “the mutation show.” With Joseph Chaikin, Raymond Barry, Shami Chaikin, Tina Shepard, Paul Zimet, Ellen Maddow, Tom Lillard, Jo Ann Schidman, presenting such characters as the tinker, the petrified man, the bird lady, the man who smiles, and the man who hits himself, a boy in a box, the animal girl, the ringmaster. Often the “language” is sound without dialogue. Often the “plot” refers to primal processes like learning to walk, learning civilization. At the conclusion each actor introduces himself/herself and gives background, biography, description of family, hair, eyes, etc. Each actor holds an early picture of himself. 1973.”