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Westbeth Movie Night
Paper Moon

Friday August 13, 2021 at 7PM

Westbeth Community Room

Paper Moon is a 1973 American road comedy-drama film directed by Peter Bogdanovich and released by Paramount Pictures. Screenwriter Alvin Sargent adapted the script from the 1971 novel Addie Pray by Joe David Brown. The film, shot in black-and-white, is set in Kansas and Missouri during the Great Depression. It stars the real-life father and daughter pairing of Ryan and Tatum O’Neal as protagonists Moze and Addie.

Tatum O’Neal received widespread praise from critics for her performance as Addie, earning her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, making her the youngest competitive winner in the history of the Academy Awards.

Masks required for unvaccinated. Masks recommended for vaccinated

The Free screening is sponsored by the Community Relations Committee of the Westbeth Artists Residents Council


The New York Artists Circle
Lost & Found: A Personal Vision of the Pandemic

An Exhibition and Series of Four Inspiring Roundtable Events

The NY Artists Circle presents the work of 117 selected artists who reveal what is truly important in their lives, as they cope with waves of loss as well as surprisingly positive personal change during this Pandemic time. They give us a wide-ranging array of personal explorations on the theme of Lost and Found, from the concrete and tangible to the sheer existential.

The exhibit includes the work of Westbeth visual artists, Elisa Decker, Diana Jensen, Christina Maile, Charles Seplowin, and Barbara Slitkin.

Exhibition dates: May 1 – Aug 31, 2021
Online viewing begins Saturday, May 1st.

Go to New York Artist Circle Curated Show.

The show is divided into four unique sub-themes focusing on different aspects of what is Lost and Found: The Personal, The Iconographic, The Societal, and Artistic Discoveries. Each offers thought-provoking and inspiring reflections on our shared human experiences during a Global Crisis.

Meeting ID: 858 1075 6508
Passcode: NYAC

Don’t Miss Our First Exciting Roundtable Event Friday May 7th at 5-6pm ET

JOIN US for Our Four Exciting Roundtable Events:

Event One: The Personal – JOIN US Friday May 7 at 5-6pm ET
These artists have portrayed the impact of the Pandemic on their own lives with keen observation and inventive imagery.
Includes Westbeth artist, Diana Jensen.

Event Two: The Iconographic. JOIN US Wednesday June 9 at 7-8pm ET/
These artists explore multiple interpretations of the Pandemic in objects, metaphors and symbols, from anxiety and grief to recovery and new beginnings.
Includes Westbeth artists Charles Seplowin, Elisa Decker, and Barbara Slitkin.

Event Three: The Societal. JOIN US Thursday July 15 at 7-8pm ET
These artists explore the widening impact of the Pandemic. They address the effects on global communities and societies, from the individual to broader issues of health, economics and mental well-being.
Includes Westbeth artist Christina Maile.

Event Four: Artistic Discoveries. JOIN US Wednesday August 11 at 7-8pm ET
For some artists, the Pandemic has resulted in artistic discoveries and silver lining recoveries, such as new subject matter and more time to make their art, as well as materials, techniques and perspectives.

Participating artists will present their artwork at each event and will discuss their personal response to the topic.


Meeting ID: 858 1075 6508
Passcode: NYAC

Exhibition link: New York Artist Circle Curated Show
Please share this Press Release with anyone who might be interested.
Looking forward to seeing you at our events!

Lost and Found Participating Artists:

May 7 – Event One: The Personal

Ellen Alt
Cecelia Andre
Fran Beallor
Walter Brown
Margaret Zox Brown
Kathleen Casey
Irene Christensen
Diane Churchill
Bob Clyatt
Elaine Forrest
Yoram Gelman
Barbara Griffiths
Sheila Hecht
Sheryl Intrator
Diana Jensen Westbeth artist
Douglas Newton
Francine Perlman
Siena Gillann Porta
Peggi Pugh Gottlieb
Kristin Reed
Amy Regalia
Christina Saj
Barbara Schaefer
Regina Silvers
Emily Stedman
Geoffrey Stein
Joanne Steinhardt
Deborah Ugoretz
Gail Winbury
Alice Zinnes

June 9 – Event Two: The Iconographic

Cheryl Aden
Audrey Anastasi
Lois Bender
Allie Berman
Elisa Decker Westbeth artist
Hilda Green Demsky
Barbara Epstein
Caroline Golden
Norma Greenwood
Barbara Groh
Valerie Huhn
Sandra Indig
Diana Kurz
Yvonne Lamar-Rogers
Jenna Lash
Donna Levinstone
Elizabeth Mead
Eleni Mylonas
Mary Pinto
Charles SeplowinWestbeth artist
Barbara Sherman
Barbara Slitkin Westbeth artist
Darcy Alison Spitz
Priscilla Stadler
Robin Tedesco

July 14 – Event Three: The Societal

Monique Allain
M. Annenberg
Marianne Barcellona
Pamela Casper
Colleen Deery
Lynne Friedman
Barbara A. Friedman
Pauline Galiana
Cora Jane Glasser
Pearl Rosen Golden
Mary Stern Grossman
Alice Harrison
Eileen Hoffman
Lori Horowitz
Elaine Housman
Gwyneth Leech
Alise Mona Loebelsohn
Sandra Mack-Valencia
Christina Maile Westbeth artist
Angela Manno
Kathleen Migliore-
Carolyn Oberst
Leah Poller
Gale Rothstein
Tara Sabharwal
Andra Samelson
Maria Spector
Sandra Taggart
Lucy Wilner
Nicholas Wolfson

Aug 11 – Event Four: Artistic Discoveries

Karin Bruckner
Beth Barry
Yvette Cohen
Barbara Ellmann
Jane Dell
Theresa DeSalvio
Diane Englander
Jill Gewirtz
Robin Glassman
Susan Grucci
Paula Heisen
Monroe Hodder
Arlene Joseph
Carin Kulb Dangot
Arthur Kvarstrom
Robert Lobe
Joanne Lobotsky
Barbara Lubliner
Wendy L. Moss
Delfina Nahrgang
Cathy O’Keefe
Ellen Pliskin
Jacqueline Sferra-
Phyllis Rosser
Melissa Rubin
Julie Shapiro
Linda Stillman
Shira Toren
Frances Vye Wilson
Ella Yang

Lost and Found Participating Curators:

Lois Bender – Lead Curator, Audrey Anastasi, Marianne Barcellona,
Alli Berman, Pamela Casper, Norma Greenwood, Monroe Hodder,
Lori Horowitz, Jenna Lash, Ellen Pliskin, Maria Spector, Gail Winbury

New York Artists Circle ­– Our Story

We are the New York Artists Circle (NYAC), a group of professional visual artists who connect to share information, opportunities, skills and resources. Exhibiting and selling artwork are priorities. Since 1996, we have built a collective bank of expertise through monthly meetings, an active listserve, a dynamic social media presence, and a group website.

We support our members in their professional growth, fostering groundbreaking ideas, fresh approaches and innovative collaborations and technological advancement. Working together in community helps us to meet the challenges we face in our solo practices, proving that there is strength in numbers!

We invite you to browse through our searchable registry to find artists for exhibitions, collaborations, media and other opportunities. Prominent curators have created both online and “brick and mortar” exhibitions by selecting work from our website and many of our artists have received commissions through this interface.

Artwork on our site is for sale, rent or licensing. Contact artists directly through their individual profiles in our searchable registry for purchase details, and for any other professional inquiries. For general inquiries, our administrators can be reached through the Contact Page.
To read more about the NYAC Click Here.

Veronica Ryan

Image: Veronica Ryan, Along a Spectrum (2021) Installation view, Spike Island, Bristol. Commissioned by Spike Island, Bristol and supported by Freelands Foundation. Photograph by Max McClure. Copyright Veronica Ryan. Courtesy Spike Island, Bristol, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.

Spike Island

May 19 – September 5, 2021
Bristol, UK

Spike Island presents a major exhibition of new works by British artist Veronica Ryan (b. 1956, Montserrat). Supported by Freelands Foundation through the Freelands Award, this is Ryan’s largest and most ambitious exhibition in the UK to date.

Ryan is best known for her sculpture that is evocative of shapes, forms and objects from the natural world. Over the years, she has experimented with scale, material and technique while remaining focused on the interplay between conflicting opposites: revelation and concealment, container and contained, absence and presence. Her work sits at the intersection between materiality and idea, and enquires into the processes by which objects carry and construct meaning.

Made during an extended residency at Spike Island in Bristol, the works in Along a Spectrum examine environmental and socio-political concerns, personal narratives, history and displacement, as well as the wider psychological implications of the current pandemic. New works include cast forms in clay and bronze; sewn and tea-stained fabrics; and bright neon crocheted fishing line pouches filled with a variety of seeds, fruit stones and skins.

Fruits, seeds, plants and vegetables are recurring motifs in Ryan’s sculpture – they function metaphorically for the artist’s own sense of dislocation and, more widely, they allude to a history of trading across the globe. In Ryan’s work, personal experience is often conditioned by a sense of location. An important focus of her research is on the history of Montserrat and trying to identify its early culture prior to the arrival of the Europeans. As such, Along a Spectrum presents large groups of soursop skins and cocoa pods cast in clay and glazed with volcanic ash from Alliouagana, the name by which the native Caribs called the island of Montserrat.

– from Spike Island
Veronica Ryan at Spike Island

“I don’t know anyone who makes art for art’s sake.”

Read Veronica Ryan’s interview in The Art Newspaper

Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet
Impulso Tanguero

Pedro Giraudo, the Latin Grammy winner bassist and composer, will release his contemporary tango album Impulso Tanguero on May 28, 2021. Performed by his quartet of virtuoso musicians, the album showcases 9 original compositions that take tango beyond genre boundaries while adhering to its rich musical past.

The Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet’s new album is a classic example of Pedro Giraudo’s contemporary tango style which so elegantly and seamlessly crosses over to the world of chamber music.

One of the most compelling tango artists right now, Pedro Giraudo has always been passionate about taking this musical genre into new territories. With immense respect for its roots and rich musical past, he is an active ambassador of tango and a proponent of its evolution. The quartet’s fervent and virtuosic musical style takes elements from Argentine tango, American jazz, and European classical music, and at times even some Brazilian traditions — and combines them gracefully and organically.

The New York City based Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet is composed of four of the most prominent musicians in the tango world: Nick Danielson, violin; Rodolfo Zanetti, bandoneon; Ahmed Alom, piano; and Pedro Giraudo, bass. The deep musical and personal connection between these musicians add another dimension to the music they create in unison.

Pre Save to Spotify and iTunes


Private label link for press


“His arrangements have the ducking countermelodies and cross talk of a Bob Brookmeyer chart, and the feisty footwork of Astor Piazzolla’s up-tempo tunes.”
– Giovanni Russonello, The New York Times


Nick Danielson (violin)
Assistant Concertmaster of the NYC Ballet Orchestra, and enjoys a distinguished career in both the classical and tango worlds.

Rodolfo Zanetti (bandoneón)
Recognized as one of the most prominent bandoneonists in the United States, performing at the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

Ahmed Alom (piano)
Considered a prodigy since the age of 14, winning many first prizes on piano competitions, and now living in New York, where he continues to garner acclaim.

Pedro Giraudo (bass and compositions)
Among the many noteworthy events in Pedro Giraudo’s career, he recorded bass on Ruben Blades’ CD “Tangos”, which won a Grammy and a Latin Grammy. He is also one of U.S.’s most prominent tango artists including Pablo Ziegler, Hector Del Curto, and Luis Bravo’s “Forever Tango”.

More Info


Westbeth Artist Page
Pedro Giraudo

Cantaloupe Management, Ellen Azorin, – 212-724-2400

Winners: Christina Maile and Fran Markover, plus a story by Jack Dowling

Due to the pandemic and the cancellation of the reading, the winning entries by Christina Maile and Fran Markover and Jack Dowling’s story are published here as excerpts and as downloadable pdf files.


is a printmaker, writer and landscape architect. She grew up in Bed Stuy and belonged to a gang called the Halsey Bops. A past winner of the Miriam Chaikin Writing Award, she has also been the recipient of a Pollock Krasner Grant and a Joan Mitchell Studio Grant.

Here are her four stories that won the Prose award.

I didn’t know the quarantine was getting to me until one day I woke up and discovered that the legendary 20th century American abstract expressionist painter, Joan Mitchell, who died in 1992, had become my roommate.
Read the complete story here: Recent Stories-Joan Mitchell in Quarantine

Whenever my parents gave birthday parties for me or my sisters and brothers, my grandmother did the cooking, my mother cleaned the house, and my father, when the time came, would plunk down in the center of the white tablecloth a big bottle of Four Roses whiskey.
Read the complete story here: Recent Stories- Booze

In the beginning, the doctors told me that although it was persistent, it was a mild case. The initial symptom is a slight cough, caused by the tendrils of longing and hope that begin to flourish at the back of the throat. Gently, the first petal unfolds on my tongue.
Read the complete story here: Recent Stories – Hanahaki

The gravel road cuts through the skin of the jungle taking us from the port city at the edge of the Caribbean to a grand 19th century colonial house standing alone in a clearing of gardenias and palms.
Read the complete story, Skin, here.


I learned about the Westbeth community of artists from an artist cousin who lives nearby in New York City. My poems have been published in journals including Rattle, Calyx, Able Muse, Karamu, among others. I was one of the finalists for the Henry Morgenthau III First Book Poetry Prize for my upcoming book, How Soft the Letting Go. And I have a chapbook, History’s Trail, published by Finishing Line Press. I have been a poetry resident, as well, at the Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts.

Here is the first of fifteen poems that won the Poetry award.

Why I Plant Sunflowers

Because I’d watch my grandfather lose himself
summers among the tall plants. He studied them,
a school boy memorizing the past, urging seeds─
vaxn gezunt, grow well. Because I picture him
among gold-waving faces, lifting me up to the
hardiest flower. Francinooski, he’d shout, schane
. As we twirled, my braids swung like
thick ropes.

Because gardening was his salvation, he left uncut
the fullest blooms for siblings whose names he’d
buried in unmarked plots. Because I imagine how
the brothers played hide & seek behind sunflowers
that lit fields, how the boys severed stems, plucked
and cupped seeds, scattered them on a table like gem-
stones. And the petals. How tightly they held, how
soft the letting go.

Read all fifteen poems here.


After a successful career as a visual artist, Jack Dowling devoted himself to writing. He is a past winner of the Miriam Chaikin Writing Award. As Westbeth’s visual arts chair for some fourteen years, he lent his considerable curatorial skills to the shows at Westbeth’s Gallery—and he continued to help artists exhibit their work through the years. Sadly Jack passed away in February 2021 at age 89. This is the final story he wrote.

In Memoriam: Jack’s final story.

I glanced out of my bank of studio windows to watch the snow, which had started falling as a light dusting in early afternoon but was now drifting down in thick white flower-shaped flakes as evening set in.
I decided that a bar in the Village would be the perfect place to sit at a window, beer in hand, and watch the storm. I trusted that my aged pickup truck, a California native, would not balk at the cold and refuse to start. After a number of grinding turn-overs, the engine gave in and started; gratefully, I drove south to Greenwich Village.

Read the complete story, Richard, here.

The Miriam Chaikin Endowment Fund was established in memory of Miriam Chaikin, a longtime Westbeth resident and prolific writer. Born in Palestine, Chaikin grew up in Brooklyn, and her childhood memories and life in a close-knit Jewish community are all themes represented in her writing. She worked earlier in her career as an editor of literature for young people, and most of her books are intended for them. Later in her life she published books of poetry about aging and beauty based on the haiku format.

Every year, a call for writing from the Endowment produces submissions from all over the country, which are then selected by the Endowment committee. The award is an honorarium of $500 and a public reading.

Westbeth 50th
The Westbeth Chronicles Installation

While Covid 19 put a delay in celebrating Westbeth’s 50th Anniversary, it gave us time to think about the many ideas we wanted to share about this legendary artists’ community. This installation on the walls of the public spaces is the first in a series that will celebrate the past present and future of Westbeth.

The Westbeth Chronicles

was created by Terry Stoller who is a Westbeth resident and writer, as a way to document the experience of living here by former and current residents. The below excerpts which are featured on the walls are part of this continuing series of personal accounts. Click HERE to read more!

Bethune St Lobby – Installation of Chronicles

Michel Dobbs on Geeby Dajani

Christina Maile on Westbeth Playwrights Feminist Collective

Kanchana Ugbabe on Westbeth community

Eve Zanni on Madelaine Yayodele Nelson

Chronicles Installation at Project Room entrance to Inner Courtyard

Rachel Urkowitz on Vin Diesel part 1

Rachel Urkowitz on Vin Diesel part 2

Terence Burk on community activism

Denice Hurd on Westbeth playground

The Westbeth Chronicles Installation

was conceived by Ellen Salpeter, CEO and President of Westbeth in association with the Westbeth Board of Directors and the Westbeth Artists Residents Council. Designed by Tophos Graphics. Edited by Terry Stoller.

On-Site & Online
Call for Entries

WestFest On-Site & Online Dance Festival

WestFest is a cutting edge, curated dance festival presenting established and emerging movement artists from all over the world. In response to the 2020 epidemic, WestFest producers created a site-specific online festival called WestFest: On-Site & Online to show a variety of unique approaches using the virtual platform at the artists’ own site of choice.


We are looking for a diverse group of emerging & mid-career dance artists with a strong artistic vision and high-performance quality. Dancemakers should apply with an idea that would fully utilize the Zoom platform including any ideas about location, concept, and logistics. All chosen artists are required to perform live during the event.

Program A: May 1st, 4PM EST
Program B: May 2nd, 4PM EST

Forms and application fees can be found at

STEP 1 – Pay the $25 application fee through PayPal.
STEP 2 – Complete the application form.
STEP 3 – Get accepted by February 18th.
STEP 4 – Create new work 7-min or less utilizing the zoom platform.

Submission forms close on February 15th at 11:59PM. Applicants will be notified of acceptance via email no later than Thursday, February 18th.