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Su Zen

Chase Bank 302 W 12 St NY, NY
Opening Reception, Thursday, July 1, 2021, 3:00-5:00PM

July 1 – 31, 2021 •:
Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm; Sat – 10am-3pm

Celebrating her 50th anniversary living in Greenwich Village’s historical Westbeth Artist Housing photographer, SuZen, will be exhibiting her evocative, dream-like color landscapes, taken along the Hudson River and other places, capture ethereal atmospheric realms to enter. Fog, usually associated with the unknown, is much like our living in the pandemic. Its veils of Reality and Illusion have been SuZen’s constant artistic exploration. The FOGseries is a culmination of her ongoing theme of Light & Spirit.

The trajectory of her art from the darkroom and galleries and museums exhibitions to gracing Times Square with her 40’ x 25’ painted mural, Flowing Light, transformed her artistic energy into NYC’s public arena. In 1982, she founded, Art for the People – bringing artists together creating numerous inter-arts events with installations and performances in such NYC iconic venues as the World Trade Center, JFK Airport, Port Authority Bus Terminal and Central Park, with grants from National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council for the Arts and New York Foundation for the Arts.

Her artwork is exhibited and collected internationally. Most recently, during lockdown in Portugal, she wrote a book, “Things I Learned Along the Way”, which is available on Amazon (


The New York Artists Circle
Lost & Found: A Personal Vision of the Pandemic

An Exhibition and Series of Four Inspiring Roundtable Events

The NY Artists Circle presents the work of 117 selected artists who reveal what is truly important in their lives, as they cope with waves of loss as well as surprisingly positive personal change during this Pandemic time. They give us a wide-ranging array of personal explorations on the theme of Lost and Found, from the concrete and tangible to the sheer existential.

The exhibit includes the work of Westbeth visual artists, Elisa Decker, Diana Jensen, Christina Maile, Charles Seplowin, and Barbara Slitkin.

Exhibition dates: May 1 – Aug 31, 2021
Online viewing begins Saturday, May 1st.

Go to New York Artist Circle Curated Show.

The show is divided into four unique sub-themes focusing on different aspects of what is Lost and Found: The Personal, The Iconographic, The Societal, and Artistic Discoveries. Each offers thought-provoking and inspiring reflections on our shared human experiences during a Global Crisis.

Meeting ID: 858 1075 6508
Passcode: NYAC

Don’t Miss Our First Exciting Roundtable Event Friday May 7th at 5-6pm ET

JOIN US for Our Four Exciting Roundtable Events:

Event One: The Personal – JOIN US Friday May 7 at 5-6pm ET
These artists have portrayed the impact of the Pandemic on their own lives with keen observation and inventive imagery.
Includes Westbeth artist, Diana Jensen.

Event Two: The Iconographic. JOIN US Wednesday June 9 at 7-8pm ET/
These artists explore multiple interpretations of the Pandemic in objects, metaphors and symbols, from anxiety and grief to recovery and new beginnings.
Includes Westbeth artists Charles Seplowin, Elisa Decker, and Barbara Slitkin.

Event Three: The Societal. JOIN US Thursday July 15 at 7-8pm ET
These artists explore the widening impact of the Pandemic. They address the effects on global communities and societies, from the individual to broader issues of health, economics and mental well-being.
Includes Westbeth artist Christina Maile.

Event Four: Artistic Discoveries. JOIN US Wednesday August 11 at 7-8pm ET
For some artists, the Pandemic has resulted in artistic discoveries and silver lining recoveries, such as new subject matter and more time to make their art, as well as materials, techniques and perspectives.

Participating artists will present their artwork at each event and will discuss their personal response to the topic.


Meeting ID: 858 1075 6508
Passcode: NYAC

Exhibition link: New York Artist Circle Curated Show
Please share this Press Release with anyone who might be interested.
Looking forward to seeing you at our events!

Lost and Found Participating Artists:

May 7 – Event One: The Personal

Ellen Alt
Cecelia Andre
Fran Beallor
Walter Brown
Margaret Zox Brown
Kathleen Casey
Irene Christensen
Diane Churchill
Bob Clyatt
Elaine Forrest
Yoram Gelman
Barbara Griffiths
Sheila Hecht
Sheryl Intrator
Diana Jensen Westbeth artist
Douglas Newton
Francine Perlman
Siena Gillann Porta
Peggi Pugh Gottlieb
Kristin Reed
Amy Regalia
Christina Saj
Barbara Schaefer
Regina Silvers
Emily Stedman
Geoffrey Stein
Joanne Steinhardt
Deborah Ugoretz
Gail Winbury
Alice Zinnes

June 9 – Event Two: The Iconographic

Cheryl Aden
Audrey Anastasi
Lois Bender
Allie Berman
Elisa Decker Westbeth artist
Hilda Green Demsky
Barbara Epstein
Caroline Golden
Norma Greenwood
Barbara Groh
Valerie Huhn
Sandra Indig
Diana Kurz
Yvonne Lamar-Rogers
Jenna Lash
Donna Levinstone
Elizabeth Mead
Eleni Mylonas
Mary Pinto
Charles SeplowinWestbeth artist
Barbara Sherman
Barbara Slitkin Westbeth artist
Darcy Alison Spitz
Priscilla Stadler
Robin Tedesco

July 14 – Event Three: The Societal

Monique Allain
M. Annenberg
Marianne Barcellona
Pamela Casper
Colleen Deery
Lynne Friedman
Barbara A. Friedman
Pauline Galiana
Cora Jane Glasser
Pearl Rosen Golden
Mary Stern Grossman
Alice Harrison
Eileen Hoffman
Lori Horowitz
Elaine Housman
Gwyneth Leech
Alise Mona Loebelsohn
Sandra Mack-Valencia
Christina Maile Westbeth artist
Angela Manno
Kathleen Migliore-
Carolyn Oberst
Leah Poller
Gale Rothstein
Tara Sabharwal
Andra Samelson
Maria Spector
Sandra Taggart
Lucy Wilner
Nicholas Wolfson

Aug 11 – Event Four: Artistic Discoveries

Karin Bruckner
Beth Barry
Yvette Cohen
Barbara Ellmann
Jane Dell
Theresa DeSalvio
Diane Englander
Jill Gewirtz
Robin Glassman
Susan Grucci
Paula Heisen
Monroe Hodder
Arlene Joseph
Carin Kulb Dangot
Arthur Kvarstrom
Robert Lobe
Joanne Lobotsky
Barbara Lubliner
Wendy L. Moss
Delfina Nahrgang
Cathy O’Keefe
Ellen Pliskin
Jacqueline Sferra-
Phyllis Rosser
Melissa Rubin
Julie Shapiro
Linda Stillman
Shira Toren
Frances Vye Wilson
Ella Yang

Lost and Found Participating Curators:

Lois Bender – Lead Curator, Audrey Anastasi, Marianne Barcellona,
Alli Berman, Pamela Casper, Norma Greenwood, Monroe Hodder,
Lori Horowitz, Jenna Lash, Ellen Pliskin, Maria Spector, Gail Winbury

New York Artists Circle ­– Our Story

We are the New York Artists Circle (NYAC), a group of professional visual artists who connect to share information, opportunities, skills and resources. Exhibiting and selling artwork are priorities. Since 1996, we have built a collective bank of expertise through monthly meetings, an active listserve, a dynamic social media presence, and a group website.

We support our members in their professional growth, fostering groundbreaking ideas, fresh approaches and innovative collaborations and technological advancement. Working together in community helps us to meet the challenges we face in our solo practices, proving that there is strength in numbers!

We invite you to browse through our searchable registry to find artists for exhibitions, collaborations, media and other opportunities. Prominent curators have created both online and “brick and mortar” exhibitions by selecting work from our website and many of our artists have received commissions through this interface.

Artwork on our site is for sale, rent or licensing. Contact artists directly through their individual profiles in our searchable registry for purchase details, and for any other professional inquiries. For general inquiries, our administrators can be reached through the Contact Page.
To read more about the NYAC Click Here.

Kate Walter
Buying Clothes in the Pandemic


The Pandemic Changed Me: I Learned to Like Clothes Shopping

Kate Walter
The Village Sun
January 20, 2021

….But there is no way I missed clothes shopping. My dislike dates back to my childhood when I was a girl and my mother dragged me with her from store to store on Main Street in downtown Paterson, New Jersey. Back in the ’50s and ’60s, before the suburban malls, my home city had a lively commercial area with department stores and specialty shops.

I felt trapped. I wanted to be playing basketball or roller skating, but I was forced to help my mother decide on patterns and material for dresses she would sew. (Not the least bit appealing to a tomboy.) I was bored after half an hour but my mother wanted to shop much longer. I couldn’t wait to get home. The only thing that kept me going was the reward.

When we finished, we went to the soda fountain at Woolworth’s and I ordered a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and sprinkles. I plopped down on the spinning stools, trying to restrain myself from twirling while waiting. I was an energetic baby dyke in training.

Read the entire article HERE

Sing Time Sessions with Eve Zanni

Fridays at 4:30 – 5:30pm
Extended to June 2021

Contact Eve Zanni
212 228 1141

Sing Time Sessions with voice teacher, Eve Zanni and live piano accompaniment, vocal warm-ups, rhythmic body movement, ear training and improvisation. No Experience Necessary!

Eve Zanni, jazz artist and Somatic Voice teacher, has taught voice for over 2 decades, directed choirs for the Metropolitan Opera Guild, and teaches Circle improvisation.

Lessons are sponsored by Westbeth Artists Residents Council and a grant from NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

Balance and Strength
with Jennifer Gibson

Mondays at 2:00 – 3:00pm
Extended to June 2021
Now on Zoom

Jennifer Gibson

Jennifer Gibson is certified through the reputable Integral Yoga Institute of New York City, which served the West Village community and surrounding areas for over 50 years.

Jennifer has been a Yoga Instructor since 2005, specializing in yoga for seniors since 2011.
She is thrilled to share the tools of yoga with seniors for balance and building strength. In Jennifer’s current work with seniors, what began as one class quickly grew into three different classes per week, each packed with 20-30 students. Participants range between the ages of early 60s to early 90s and have a wide variety of ability.

Jennifer is passionate about making the practice of yoga accessible to everyone. She loves how appreciative seniors are to learn yoga and how much they look forward to every class, and she is excited to bring the benefits of yoga to the Westbeth community.

Sponsored by the Westbeth Artists Residents Council and a grant from NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson

TOM DUNCAN Lost Coney Island

Abandone Roller Coaster photo Tom Duncan

Abandone Roller Coaster photo Tom Duncan

While Tom Duncan’s photographs of Cony Island offer a visual document of Coney Island today, the boardwalk snack stands or abandoned amusement rides, they also evoke the photographer’s personal memories of Cony Island of the past and the dramatic changes he has witnessed there over the years.

Tom Duncan  Photo by Karen Santry

Tom Duncan Photo by Karen Santry

Tom Duncan was born in Scotland in 1939. He attended the Art Students League and the National Academy School of Fine Art. He lives and works in Westbeth and is one of the original tenants. His is basically a sculptor. He has been documenting Cony Island since the 1970’s. His photography is completely self – taught.

Check Andrew Edlin Gallery website for further information on his sculpture: