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Susan Berger Mixed Media artist

Hillhouse High School’s Song. Fiber mixed media 2020

2021 FAR & WIDE National
Juried by Nicelle Beauchene & Franklin Parrasch
June 4-July 18, 2021

The third annual FAR & WIDE National exhibition, on view in the Main Gallery, is organized around the concept of Art Brut, a French term translating to ‘raw art’, to describe works made outside the academic tradition of art making. The exhibition comprises work by twenty-five artists, selected through a national call and juried by Nicelle Beauchene and Franklin Parrasch, co-founders of Parts & Labor in Beacon, NY. For this exhibition, the jurors sought works that incorporate a unique use of materiality and modes of expression, as well as works outside the conventional dictates of the art world.

Woodstock Artists Association and Museum
Woodstock, New York

Susan Berger
“I began as a painter and sculptor. I later delved into used mixed media working mostly in fiber/yarns. I use a variety of materials and combine different rug hooking, latch hooking and weave stitching into my works. The subject matter of each work determines the type of materials I will use and the fiber medium I will go forward executing in these works. My art pieces are well researched and painstakingly pursued in detailed and labor-intensive undertakings. I tend to do studies and my drawings are finished works of their own. I have been influenced by Native American design and by women who did samplers in early America and later in the industrial period where women worked in factories and left their homes in rural areas to the city.

This is a journey called: “1962: A Yearbook.” The pages are reconstructed of one’s own memory and you go from the beginning of the namesake of its dedication in the yearbook – a picture of the school building; and the boy’s on one side and the girl’s on the other side. It is neatly packaged representing the times in a cultural and political sense. My own entry has been rewritten and we learn who are the overachievers and like myself the underachievers. I look to celebrate the less popular because they had their own identity and recognized them now.
Again, it is interesting how we look at memory/remembrance and time does play tricks on us and the past always looks better. A memoir is the length of time over which one’s memory extends and each of the events enters our remembrance and we reminiscence.

More about Susan Berger here

Debra Jenks

Debra Jenks poem, “P-Shooters”, appears in issue 15 of Maintenant: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art

Maintenant is an annual journal that features the most significant contemporary dada writing and art from around the world. Inspired by the original Maintenant, an irreverent and risk-taking ‘zine published, edited and allegedly written by Arthur Cravan from 1913-1917, the Three Rooms Press editions aim to bring to light cutting-edge poetry and art that stems from this original spirit. Since 2005, Three Rooms Press’ Maintenant has developed an international reputation as a primary source for Dada work by well-known and emerging artists.

Debra Jenks is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and educator whose work includes, sculpture, photography, drawing, video, performance and ephemeral public projects that meld fictive and autobiographical narratives. Her art reviews have appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, Chelsea Now, The Villager and Downtown Express, and her poetry has appeared in Pierogi Press, CLWN WR, Live Mag! and Tiny Spoon Lit Mag.

More information: Debra Jenks

Marya Zimmet
On the Road to Love

“I’m over-the-moon to report that my first CD, “On The Road To Love,” was released on June 10th and is now available on most streaming and downloading platforms.
Fresh, jazzy arrangements of folk/rock classics, jazz standards and lesser-know gems, with Tedd Firth on piano, Phil Palombi on bass, Mark McClean on drums, Nathan Childers on horns, and Pete Smith on guitar. Go to for links to where you can hear it.”

Special for Westbeth residents.
Please contact me through my website ( to learn about special pricing and white glove service (hand delivery!).

To preview a song and preorder, go to

I decided to make a CD (my first) at the beginning of 2020. The timing of this project turned out to be – in a way – fortuitous. I started developing the repertoire in January, and by March, the Covid-19 pandemic had shut everything down. That spring, I wandered the empty streets of Lower Manhattan, the air unusually fresh and clean, practicing my tunes.

Find out more about Marya Zimmet HERE

Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet
Impulso Tanguero

Pedro Giraudo, the Latin Grammy winner bassist and composer, will release his contemporary tango album Impulso Tanguero on May 28, 2021. Performed by his quartet of virtuoso musicians, the album showcases 9 original compositions that take tango beyond genre boundaries while adhering to its rich musical past.

The Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet’s new album is a classic example of Pedro Giraudo’s contemporary tango style which so elegantly and seamlessly crosses over to the world of chamber music.

One of the most compelling tango artists right now, Pedro Giraudo has always been passionate about taking this musical genre into new territories. With immense respect for its roots and rich musical past, he is an active ambassador of tango and a proponent of its evolution. The quartet’s fervent and virtuosic musical style takes elements from Argentine tango, American jazz, and European classical music, and at times even some Brazilian traditions — and combines them gracefully and organically.

The New York City based Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet is composed of four of the most prominent musicians in the tango world: Nick Danielson, violin; Rodolfo Zanetti, bandoneon; Ahmed Alom, piano; and Pedro Giraudo, bass. The deep musical and personal connection between these musicians add another dimension to the music they create in unison.

Pre Save to Spotify and iTunes


Private label link for press


“His arrangements have the ducking countermelodies and cross talk of a Bob Brookmeyer chart, and the feisty footwork of Astor Piazzolla’s up-tempo tunes.”
– Giovanni Russonello, The New York Times


Nick Danielson (violin)
Assistant Concertmaster of the NYC Ballet Orchestra, and enjoys a distinguished career in both the classical and tango worlds.

Rodolfo Zanetti (bandoneón)
Recognized as one of the most prominent bandoneonists in the United States, performing at the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

Ahmed Alom (piano)
Considered a prodigy since the age of 14, winning many first prizes on piano competitions, and now living in New York, where he continues to garner acclaim.

Pedro Giraudo (bass and compositions)
Among the many noteworthy events in Pedro Giraudo’s career, he recorded bass on Ruben Blades’ CD “Tangos”, which won a Grammy and a Latin Grammy. He is also one of U.S.’s most prominent tango artists including Pablo Ziegler, Hector Del Curto, and Luis Bravo’s “Forever Tango”.

More Info


Westbeth Artist Page
Pedro Giraudo

Cantaloupe Management, Ellen Azorin, – 212-724-2400

Melika Dave
Art on the Ave NYC

Art on Avenue NYC

A public arts initiative dedicated to community regeneration and the elevation of local artists.

Current Exhibition: Live the Village
April 15th – July 8th, 2021


Melika Dave

Mixed Media on Paper

Located in storefront at east side of Hudson St between Perry and Charles Its in West Village

“I use my expressionistic approach to painting to tell the story of the New Yorkers I love and appreciate. It is important for me to capture my neighbors, to capture the strength, solidarity and resilience of my community and to speak to the pulse and movement of the city. I have spent recent years building community with empathetic, affirming artists and cultural workers in New York City and this work is an ode to the multiplicity and nuance of that community.”

Melika Dave Links
Melika Dave at

Melika Dave website

Dance Festival



Videos and Artist Bios are available at

WestFest is a cutting edge, curated dance festival presenting established and emerging movement artists. This year’s online festival includes two different one-hour programs hosted via a zoom link found at Following our site-specific format, each choreographer will present their work in a site they have chosen. Join us as we tour the world, from Arizona to Switzerland, in the comfort and safety of your own home.

More information at

Join us May 1st and 2nd for this year’s live-streamed productions with the wonderful TruDee as our EMCEE.

Program A – Saturday, May 1st – 4PM EST
BOiNK! Dance & Film
Martha Graham II
Zachary Frazee
Rachael Lieblein-Jurbala
Madison wada
Emily Laird

Program B – Sunday, May 2nd – 4PM EST
Carol Nolte/Dance Collective
Rush Johnston Kaleid Dance Collective
Dual Rivet
Anne Goldberg-Baldwin
Pauline Gervais
Mira Göksel
Catherine Gallant

Registration: FREE

Viewing Link:
Time: 4PM EST
Running Time: 1 hour


WestFest 2021 is produced under the auspices of the Westbeth Artists’ Residents Council.

Check Out WestFest Dance Festival 2020

new book



The Hague, May 9th 1940. Bert Meijer van Leer becomes the proud owner of a German motorbike. Little does he know that the motorbike, a Zündapp, will save his life and cause his downfall. On May 10th the German army invades Holland. On that day Emmeke, Bert’s sister, celebrates her birthday. Emmeke and Bert are Jewish, but not practicing. Bert has been baptized and marries Lien who is Protestant. Emmeke is married to Joost, who isn’t Jewish either and anti-religious out of principle. Ingredients for a fatal chain of events.

Their ‘mixed marriages’ can’t protect them against the measures the Germans take against the Jews: excluding them from the society they live in through registration and public humiliation by forcing them to wear the Star of David; and, if they don’t comply, arrest, imprisonment, and deportation to a concentration camp.

In Labyrinth of Lies, Paul Binnerts witnesses how the Nazi’s slowly tighten the rope around the necks of his characters. They are constantly facing decisions, which only in retrospect turned out to be the wrong decisions. He deeply sympathizes with them but can only keep them company.

Published: 2021 by Prometheus, Amsterdam.
The title, Het Leugenlabyrint, translates into English as Labyrinth of Lies. An
English translation is in preparation.


Dutch theater director, acting teacher, playwright and novelist.

Situated in New York and Amsterdam. His plays Black Box, The Same Sea (based on novels by Amos Oz) and Mephisto (based on the novel by Klaus Mann) won prestigious awards in Europe. The Same Sea was produced in Toni Morrison’s Atelier at Princeton University in 2004.

Published ACTING IN REAL TIME, Univ. of Michigan Press in 2012.

A VERY (c)OLD CASE, Part 1 and 2: first original play in English. Reading Part 1 @ Lark Theater, NYC, 2011.

LOST & FOUND: second original play in English, directed @ Westbeth by Nancy Gabor.

Directed over 75 productions in Holland, UK, Germany, US and Japan.

Taught ‘real time acting’ @ drama schools in Holland, Germany, the UK and the US, including Princeton and NYU.

Published his novel LABYRINTH OF LIES in Holland in 2021

Valerie Ghent & Natasha Ghent
The Angel


I am delighted to announce the upcoming release of The Angel, a classical cantata written by my mother, violist Natasha Gudkov Ghent, in a performance that she and I recorded together in 1988.

The Angel was a lifelong work for my mother, rooted in her trilingual childhood. Born in Paris to Russian parents, she created her own translation of the classic Mikhail Lermontov poem. Featuring my mother on violin and viola, I am singing soprano in Russian, and both she and I added additional parts on the synclavier.

I have wanted to release this piece for years. Today, 33 years after we recorded together, I am thrilled to release The Angel in tribute to my mother’s life and undaunted spirit. Listening to her play is timeless.

More information on The Angel and its history at

The Angel available now on all platforms

Listen Here



Also Check out Valerie Ghent’s new collaboration with Italian rap artist, the Bumo Sugo on his new album, OFF WRLD

More Info at