Beth Soll Dance Company
FREE Performance
Hudson River Park

photo: Barry Hetherington

Free !! showing of solos (in progress and in red costumes) that will also become a duet, in a beautiful natural setting by our magnificent Hudson River. Masks and social distancing will enhance the event.

Who: Choreographer – Beth Soll Dancers – Abigail Dias and Beth Soll. Scenery and lighting by you know who.

When: Thursday, September 3 at 9:45AM. The SHOW is about 25 minutes long–at most.

Where: Someplace between 12th street and 10th street on the grass by the river. Directions below. It won’t be hard to find us.

What: We will show two independent solos, and then we’ll perform them at the same time. We will not have done them together for a few weeks. Will it work? Come and see!

Why: Viewers contribute to and complete dances. We love having you around. Kids are welcome! Ultimately, we’re going to make a film with a simultaneous showing of the two independent solos. Film artist: Ethan Mass.

Why so early? Sorry about that. It’s a space problem. Please be on time: 9:45AM.

After 9 or so, the place starts filling up with parents/babysitters/sunbathers on the grass. AND after about 10:10, there’s too much sun for dancers or audience members.

Suggestions: Bring something sit on. There will be dew and . . .? It’s cooler by the river than in other places. Insect repellent is a good idea.

Directions: Basically, you’ll be going toward Westbeth. Take the subway to the 14th street ACE stop. Get out at the downtown end of the train. Walk down 8th Avenue and turn right on 12th Street. Walk West to the River until you get to the light on the highway. Loooong light. Cross the street. By the river, walk South until you see two dancers in red. I will also send an email that morning once I know where we are.

You can also cross the highway at 11th, but then you’ll have to walk north to see where we are, and if you don’t see us, then you’ll have to walk South.

Reservations? Not possible. We expect 0-10 people, but you never know. Only come if you feel like it and then sit 6 feet from others. We’re going to dance that morning even if there are -3 people there, UNLESS IT’S RAINING, in which case we’ll cancel and reschedule later.

Questions: Company info:

Beth Soll, PhD, is the Artistic Director of Dance Projects, Inc./Beth Soll & Company. With her company, which was formed in 1977, she has performed in many U.S. cities and abroad. She has received numerous grants and awards from the NEA and from state, civic, and private sources. She has taught dance courses and directed dance programs at high schools, private studios, and universities, such as MIT, where she directed the Dance Program for 20 years, Boston University, The Boston Conservatory, UC Santa Barbara, Hofstra University, The New School, and Manhattanville College. Her book, Will Modern Dance Survive? Lessons to be Learned from the Pioneers and Unsung Visionaries of Modern Dance, was published in 2002.

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