Barbara Hammer
Online screening

photo: Eric McNatt for 2017 Queer | Art Community Portrait Project

A selection of films by the legendary filmmaker Barbara Hammer is being given a free online screening by Company Gallery as part of the “In Company With” series.

Access screening here:

A suggested donation to Queer | Art, which helps organize the. Barbara Hammer Lesbian Experimental Film Grant is encouraged.

The Barbara Hammer Lesbian Experimental Filmmaking Grant is an annual grant that will be awarded to self-identified lesbians for making visionary moving-image art. Work can be experimental animation, experimental documentary, experimental narrative, cross-genre, or solely experimental. Applicants must be based in the U.S. This grant was established by Hammer in 2017 to give needed support to moving-image art made by lesbians. The grant is supported directly by funds provided by Hammer and administered through Queer|Art by lesbians for lesbians, with a rotating panel of judges.

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