Stan Satlin – singer, songwriter

Singer/songwriter Stan Satlin will be performing solo at the Festival.  He has written several musicals including Auratorio Americana, Robin Hood, and Children of Adam. Auratorio Americana is a musical journey of God and Country, using the words of Walt Whitman, Tom Paine, and Black Elk.  it was performed for three evenings at Lincoln Center with 100 voices and then for the Ambassadors to the United Nations in the Brooklyn Museum. Auratorio Americana was revived in April 2012 by a company from the Atlanta Opera in Atlanta Georgia under the supervision of Joel A. Martin of Jazzical fame.  Robin Hood is a mythical, mystical, magical musical telling the story of this storied outlaw in song.  Children Of Adam is an Off Broadway musical that ran ten weeks in the Chelsea Westside Theater.  Satlin just completed an eight song demo produced by Michael Leonhart of the Steely Dan band.


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