Sherry Lane — Visual Art

After training as an artist, having mastered skills ranging from portraiture to cartooning, Sherry Lane focused on the art of caricature. This technique requires the artist to rapidly capture and interpret the essence of an individual's character and emotions in a fraction of the time allowed to draw a portrait. The history of caricature art has proven that whether the result is humorous, sentimental, flattering, or critical, in the hands of a master, a skillful caricature carries a powerful emotional effect.

Sherry honed her caricature skills by drawing countless faces over a career spanning decades. She has worked as a caricaturist and cartoonist at special events for colleges, universities, and corporations, as well as private parties. To complement her art, she established an entertainment company, which offers a range of performers.

Caricatures required her to concentrate instantly on the most telling details of many thousands of individual faces and render them convincingly within minutes. She explains, "You've got to capture the essence of a person. A lot of information about that person's life comes through the drawing process."

To enhance her skills in caricature, Sherry studied with Dr. Timothy Mar, a Chinese diplomat who was a master of face reading and had who published the authoritative book on the subject -- Face Reading: The Chinese Art of Physiognomy. (Dodd, Mead 1974), Dr. Mar taught her the fundamentals of the ancient Chinese art of face reading,

After adapting traditional Asian face reading to modern Western psychological practices, Sherry authored three books on applications of face reading, currently available on

Having become known as the Face Expert. she founded a skin care company: "When my favorite Revenescence Face Moisturizer disappeared from the marketplace! I had to do something." So she recreated the secret formula in her home laboratory and named her company Her clients stay in touch with Sherry, her products, and each other through her delightful newsletter called The Ladies Club.

Today as a caricaturist who has drawn tens of thousands of faces, whose work has appeared as a regular feature in Star Magazine, in private and corporate collections, and as president of two thriving companies, Sherry is busier and having more fun than she imagined having in her youth as an aspiring artist.

She loves to convey that joyful spirit to her clients, both in person and in her caricature drawings, whether corporations celebrating successes, law firms welcoming new partners, families celebrating birthdays and graduations, or couples capturing the joy of their upcoming marriage.