Parviz Mohassel — Painter

Parviz Mohassel RA, Ph.D.
Abstract painting is a full canvas non-objective representation. It is not a paradigm of blank page and via negativa.
Abstract painting has compositional fluid-potentialities, which are both unique and at the same time incomplete. It remains as a partially achievable potential, which needs to be fulfilled—and because this partial achievability it leaves open a pivotal connectivity to the unpredictability of the real world. Abstract painting also has compositional fulcrums which is not organizational and does not juxtapose elements in the painting. As such abstract painting is not self content introvert representation, rather connects and is open to the reality of abstract art.
So, in my paintings I try to create not an object, a motif, or a narrative, but forms which are abstractly gestural and suggests constant moving horizons, a fuller forms of gestural abstraction and those that remain unpredictable.