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Michael Moss


Michael Moss and Zone—Mel Nusbaum (keys), Billy Stein (guitar), Robert Edwards (bass), Lou Selmi (drums), and Yogui (congas/percussion)

Reed player and composer Michael Moss has been actively involved in the downtown music scene for many years leading 4 Rivers, Free Energy, and Zone. Moss has performed with William Parker, Dave Liebman, Richie Beirach, Greg Kogan, Sam Rivers, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, Paul Bley, Cal Massey, Grant Green, Burton Green, Wilber Ware, Mike Mahaffay, Sabir Matin, Ras Moshe, Jackson Krall, Mark Hennen, Dan Rose and led the JCOA Jazz Composers Orchestra as well as the Free Life Communication Jazz Orchestra in his own compositions.  Moss is following a life-long passion for expanding jazz improvisation to include musical traditions from around the world and has written original music to reflect these different ethnic traditions.

Point of Departure article on Michael Moss’s days with Free Life Communication.

Thanks to Ed Hazell and his article in the ezine Point of Departure my days in Free Life Communication in the early ’70s has at last been documented. I hope you enjoy this. I dug way down into my filing cabinet, as did Dave Liebman and Mike Mahaffay, to flesh out this project. With contributions by Vinny Golia, pictures taken of Mahaffay, Liebman, Richie Beirach, John Shea, Armen Halburian, Mark Whitecage, Laurence Cook, Gunter Hampel, John Fischer and myself, it tells a story washed over by the sands of time. This period has now become more interesting to music historians. The energy and spirit devoted by all the musicians who passed through the doors of the Space for Innovative Development and of Sunrise Studios in NYC will at last be honored. Enjoy! And–pass it on:



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