Jonathan Bauch — Sculptor

"I LIKE FREE SHAPES that draw inspiration from forms in nature
and assume the physical properties of steel."

JONATHAN BAUCH adroitly manipulates welding technology; transforming the hard steel he starts with into the delicate organic forms of his sculpture. In taming the hard steel substance, the industrial quality of the medium is tempered by the indelible mark of the human hand in the work, visible in both monumental floor sculptures and smaller, intimate wall pieces. The resulting pieces seem to defy the material, exhibiting lacy qualities that engage the viewer in a visual dance.

His art is based a method of personal manufacturing——together with an interplay of imagination, emotion, and intellect. Constructing sculpture that uses forms created with space and color.

Jonathan has exhibited widely, in the NY metro-area, from an early show at the Bruce Museum in 1973 to his latest solo at the Carter Burden Gallery from April 23 - May 20, 2020, including many group shows. On February 2014 he was the curator and also an exhibitor in Omens of Climate Change, at the Westbeth Gallery.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Bauch graduated of Parsons School of Design in 1961. He studied painting at NYU and the School of Visual Arts, and sculpture at Educational Alliance Art School, where he taught welded sculpture at the for six years.

His next show will be at the Carter Burden Gallery on April 16th, 2020.