Harold Miller


HAROLD MILLER CABARET Harold Miller cabaret on the Hudson, Westbeth 2002

WILD HORSES acrylic on canvas, 2008

WISPERS acrylic and oil on canvas 12 x 15 feet 1998

HAROLD MILLER AND SON Harold Mller Jr with me on the Sesame Street set while doing the role of Gordon 1972. My son convinced me to accept this role although I was a Shakespearean actor.

BOLLYWOOD My Bollywood driver and friend


Hal Miller has been singing & performing in Europe and Asia from 2006 to present in Hong Kong, Taipei, Ireland, Mui Wo China, Paris, Shanghai, and India. International actor/director Harold Miller is active in film, television, and theatre. “Since 2005 to present, I have traveled the world: China and India many times, Europe: Paris, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Holland, Japan, Switzerland, doing my craft. The one thing I have learned from my experiences is that all peoples have their dreams but only a few follow them …so follow your dreams, don’t give up, love all people, be your Brother’s Keeper and live in the moment!!!”


Harold Miller
463 West Street
New York, NY 10014
347 835 9001
Email: lovallp1@gmail.com




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