Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen mixed media

Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen’s Cut Work, is a free hand paper cutting process that charts the contours of our ever-changing emotional experience through the movement of form, line, color, and light and shadow. Evolving over the course of years, Cut Work travels through Gregory-Gruen’s diverse vocabulary of mediums from paper and metal, to leather and 12-gauge gunshot blasts to understand the play between visceral emotional responses and meditative rest.

GOLD ALL OVER IN Freehand-cut 2ply museum board, gold gouache paint 25” h x 201/2” w

ALL OVER BLEND Freehand-cut silk-screened 2 ply museum board 24” h x 20” w

FREE FORM #3 – OUT Freehand-cut 2 ply museum board 25” h x 201/2” w

FREE FORM #3 – IN Freehand-cut 2 ply museum board 25” h x 201/2” w

LEATHER 4 PIECE GUNSHOT Leather 28” h x 21” w

Email: elzgregory@hotmail.com

Artist Statement
Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen

Artist Resume/CV
Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen CV_2019

website : elizabethgregory-gruen.com
instagram : elzgregory_gruen

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