Edith Stephen

EDITH STEPHEN, award-winning filmmaker, has always
been a maverick who does not follow the dictates
and the fashions of the times. She finds a unique
and individual motive of expression.
She steals no ones’ secrets.

DANCE OF THE SHELLS performed by the Edith Stephens Electric Currents Dance Company
Edith Stephen discusses her film PARADISE DERANGED with DNAInfo Manhattan Local News

Edith Stephen performing DADA

Film Award to Edith Stephen for Outstanding Achievement from the 2010 New York International Film Festival

Edith Stephen - August 2010 article in New York Daily News


Edith Stephen
55 Bethune Street 630A
New York, NY 10014
212 989 2250




Edith Stephen – Bio


Edith Stephen – Reviews

New York Daily News article August 2010

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