Edith Stephen

Westbeth Icons – Filmed Event evenings.

Edith Stephen

Westbeth Icons is a project that celebrates the work and life of senior Westbeth artists who continue to passionately work in their artistic field. It is funded by the Westbeth Artists Residents Council with a grant from NYC Council Speaker, Corey Johnson.

The films feature a video interview produced and directed by Ted Timreck and Terry Stoller as interviewer, as well as a video of the evening itself before a live audience and includes speeches by colleagues and the artist.

Additional Cameras: Christina Maile, Sandra Kingsbury
Lighting Design: Frankie Alduino

A filmed event of the January 18, 2018 evening honoring Edith Stephens, dancer, choreographer and filmmaker

Edith Stephen Presentation from theodore timreck on Vimeo.

A filmed event of November 19, 2017 evening honoring Jack Dowling, painter, printmaker, curator and writer.

Jack Dowling Icon Presentation 11-19-17 from theodore timreck on Vimeo.

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