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July 21 – August 11, 2017
Wednesday – Sunday
12pm – 7pm

Discursive Selves explores the contested meaning of the Self Portrait. This collection of photography and film by eleven contemporary artists reveals nuanced definitions of selfhood that acknowledge the influence of one’s social environment on one’s inner sense of identity. These artists use the camera to navigate between both fluid and fixed perceptions of the Self, and are thus able to present who they are on their own terms.

The Self Portrait plays an essential role in the development and establishment of one’s identity— it informs and is informed, creates and is created, is both concrete and ephemeral. For some, it manifests as an artifact, a material body, or a form of testimony; for others, it is a projection, a speculation, or a performance. Working in a new genre of critical photography, these artists play with the paradox of “public intimacy” to explore the relationship between private life and public persona. Portrayals of the Self range from fictitious characters and imagined scenarios to biological self-studies or familial ties.

Discursive Selves dissects the myriad practices of formulating oneself as both an intimate ritual and a method of responding to one’s outer world. In a rapidly expanding global information society, this exhibition invites a moment of pause for contemplation in contemporary life.

Farah Al Qasimi
Aneta Bartos
Nicolas Bloise
Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.
Nona Faustine
Rindon Johnson
Tommy Kha
Pixy Liao
Matthew Morrocco
Bryson Rand
Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Curated by Eric Lawton & Daphne Takahashi

Westbeth Gallery
55 Bethune St
New York, NY 10014

This exhibition is made possible through the support of Art + Commerce

Microsoft Word -  PAUL FINALLY .docx


Microsoft Word -  PAUL FINALLY .docx

Painter Paul Muranyi is a Manhattan based artist who grew up in Westbeth Artists Housing. Both parents were artists his father a Jazz Musician and mother a fine arts painter/teacher. It was a common event in his house hold for him to play catch with Louis Armstrong and borrow his mother’s paints to create artwork and displayed proudly in the apt.
D06E2141-7480-42CC-B238-F23703DB4FF1 Paul’s interest in his current series reflects his long- time curiosity of dramatic events. Paul’s earlier career as a heavy metal guitar player performing predominantly in the East Village and eventually transitioned to a quest for a more stable life as he joined Westbeth Artist painter Karen Santry in her company the High -Tech Design Loft.
2EC3E3DE-33A0-42CE-AF08-5D083A8D5711Paul began experimenting with the computer parts and bright phone wires and plastic shapes working on 3-D collages. He began his studies at the School of Visual Arts resulting in his BFA in painting and had his first how with colleague Karen Young in the Westbeth Gallery. He has shown in over 28 galleries in group exhibitions throughout Manhattan and Florida.
B150EE99-B5B7-49D2-A5F5-D58D12BC458APaul’s current show in the Westbeth Hallway Gallery celebrates his third production of small and large oil painting series: Weather Events 3. His choice of only the most dramatic events in weather depict arresting combinations of moody lighting featuring lightening, tornadoes, icebergs, starlight evenings with coincidental sightings of shooting stars, comets or aurora borealis. Paul Muranyi evokes a sense of charged mystery and beauty through his combinations which manipulate an adroitly intuitive balance between realism and abstraction- taking the viewer through the familiar and the unknown.


Film Screening TO KEEP THE LIGHT, created, directed and starring Erica Fae


Inspired by true stories, a lighthouse keeper’s wife struggles with her work and her sanity as she cares for her sick husband in 19th century Maine. When a mysterious stranger washes up on shore, secrets buried in deep waters come to light, and she confronts both her past and her future.

Erica Fae graduated from New York University/Tisch School. Erica creates and produces original work, often from historical research. Her recent play “Take What Is Yours” (in which she stars, and co-wrote) received a Critics’ Pick in The New York Times and Backstage (2012). She appears in Lisa Robinson’s ground breaking short “Hollow”, premiering at Tribeca Film Festival (2013). She has won awards for Best Actress and Best Short for her short films, and has performed at New York Theatre Workshop, The Kennedy Center, Walker Arts Center, American Repertory Theatre, The New Victory, A.C.T., and Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, and Dance Theater Workshop. Erica teaches physical acting at Yale School of Drama and The New School’s MFA programs. She lives at Westbeth.

More info at: To Keep The

REVIEW from SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN: “… a gripping portrait… wonderfully mysterious… Fae’s Abbie is an entrancing blend of delicacy and strength, and the cinematography is just stunning.”

REVIEW from NASHVILLE SCENE: “women dominate this year’s NEW DIRECTORS category… TO KEEP THE LIGHT, erica fae’s slow-burning period drama, follows salt-of-the-earth abbie, who is tasked with tending to a lighthouse on a remote maine island during her husband’s illness. fae, who also stars in the film, has garnered praise for her work in theater, and it shows: she reveals her character through exacting body language that makes her situation visceral. inspired by true stories of women lighthouse keepers in the 1800s, TO KEEP THE LIGHT is beautifully shot, building tension against the harsh landscape, and fae proves to be a true new talent.”

TO KEEP THE LIGHT wins BEST OF SHOW: “… a unique film with a fascinating heroine who is as sturdy and distinctive as the maine coastline where the story takes place…”


“first-time writer-director erica fae’s TO KEEP THE LIGHT is a quietly mesmerizing look at the lonely life of a lighthouse keeper’s wife who is struggling with her daily duties – and her sanity – while caring for her sick husband in 19th-century maine. when a mysterious stranger washes up on shore, she is forced to confront both her past and her future. shot much like a haunted-house thriller, the film takes on an ingmar bergman feel in the second half… its beauty and confidently methodical pacing – not to mention a solid performance by fae herself – make it one of the better offerings in the narrative features competition… captures the feel of the period and… features an interesting feminist theme.”

REVIEW from cinema365:

“every shot here is literally a work of art; this movie is like strolling through a museum where one great painting after another hangs on the wall… while this is her first feature film- with work like this, I sincerely hope ms. fae continues her work in the cinematic arts… fae gives the character an inner core that is stronger than steel and grabs the viewer’s attention and admiration. she may be one of the most memorable female characters you’ll see in any movie this year and you certainly won’t be forgetting any time soon after the credits roll…. an early candidate for my top films of 2016.”

REVIEW from THE MANEATER: “…a work of art and surreal beauty, this film is a must-watch because it throws light on obscured aspects of our history and imparts a valuable lesson of taking a stand for what is ours.”

FROM THE COLUMBIA TRIBUNE: ”… weds stunning visuals to the compelling story of a lighthouse keeper’s wife trying to care for her husband, their hime and herself…”



seven new movies to see this week: what to watch in portland (oregon) cinemas

“abbie is the wife of an ailing lighthouse keeper on an isolated island off the coast of 1867 maine. when a stranger washes up on her shore, she’s forced to confront her life and desires. based on the approximately 300 women who served as lighthouse attendants in the 1800s, this film offers a glimpse into the lives of often forgotten heroines…”


“fae’s film displays a gift for both masterful composition and mesmerizing drama as she imparts this involving story of an embattled woman relegated to the fringes of society but determined to be respected.”


A Participatory Installation
December 10 – 31, 2016


Our world seems to be in upheaval. People are looking for some way to express their concerns and hope for the future. “WRITE NOW” will give them the opportunity to express those feelings in the Westbeth Gallery.

How the show works: Upon entry into the gallery, the participant is asked to donate a $1 or more to canisters representing 5 locally-based New York charities
Planned Parenthood NYAli Forney CenterGod’s Love We DeliverCabrini Immigrant ServicesThe Alliance for Greater NY

Visitors will use as many post- it notes as they want to express their thoughts about 2016 and their hopes for 2017.

You can draw, collage, paint, write, and sculpt.

Main Room : What Do You Want the World to Bring into 2017?

Rear Room: What Do You Want the World to Leave in 2016?

Side Room 1 : What Do You Want to Bring into 2017?

Small Side 2 Want to Leave in 2016?

We will have a “Westbeth Only Preview Night” on Dec 9th. All Westbeth residents will be invited to post their notes that evening. The Public Opening will occur on Dec 10th. The show will run through Dec 31st.

PORTRAIT Studio,alexbailey'sjuneandjuly15_SCoffey_email

The Portrait Project:
Artists portraying Artists

PORTRAIT Studio,alexbailey'sjuneandjuly15_SCoffey_email

The Portrait Project: Artists Portraying Artists
A group exhibition of 17 painters and sculptors. Each artist will include in their exhibited body of work, at least one portrait of another artist in the show.

Exhibition Dates:
May 6 – May 20, 2017

Opening Reception:
Saturday May 6, 5 – 8 PM

Gallery Hours:
Wednesdays – Sundays,
1PM – 6PM

Westbeth Gallery presents the Portrait Project, an association of artists using direct observation, who exchange modeling time with one another. The modeling exchange provides a creative stimulus and exposes each artist to divergent points of view about portraiture and different working practices, avoiding many compromises associated with commissions. The show will highlight a body of work from each of the members. At least one of the pieces from each artist will be a portrait of a fellow Portrait Project member. Media include painting, drawing and sculpture.

Participating artists:
Alix Bailey, Robert Bunkin, Susanna Coffey, ColleenFranca, Leonid Gervits, Valerie Gillett, Howard Gladstone, Yuka Imata, Karen Kaapcke, Eric March,Frances Middendorf,J. William Middendorf, Sharon Moreau,Dena Schutzer, Orly Shiv,Donna Skebo, and Clarissa Payne Uvegi.

Special Evvents:
Drawing Room: An on-going feature of the exhibition will be the Drawing Room, which will display member’s drawings, as well as provide an opportunity for visitors to draw themselves or another visitor, in a space furnished with pencil and paper, chairs and a mirror. Visitor drawings can be displayed in the room until the conclusion of the exhibition, and retrieved on the closing day (May 20 no later than 6PM).

Panel discussion: “Artists Portraying Artists” on Saturday, May 13, 4 – 5:30 PM
Panel includes David Cohen, Mel Leipzig, Gail Levin, and Jennifer Samet.

“Roundtable” conversation on Saturday, May 20 (closing day), 3 – 5 PM. Attendees are invited to participate in an open discussion about issues in contemporary portraiture with Portrait Project members.

Westbeth Gallery
55 Bethune Street, Atrium
New York, NY 10014
Contact: Howard Gladstone, 646-391-4821


Metaverses: An augmented multi-media reality tour.

Featuring the work of Westbeth artists Christina Maile, Paul Binnerts, Nancy Gabor, Penny Jones and Stephen Hall, along with the Metaverses team, and the Media Center of the Met Museum.

A Multi-Media Augemented Reality Tour

Created in collaboration with the Metaverses team of interdisciplinary artists/technologists Patricia Faolli, Vanessa Gilbert, Jason Schuler, and Justine Wiliams of the MFA Media Program at Brooklyn College, and Westbeth artists in partnership with the Media Lab at the Metropolitan Museum.

The tour will include use of IPads which will be provided.




  1. Jan 7 – Jan 22 Yoshiaki Yoshinari painting
  2. Jan 28 – Feb 12 Karina Cavat painting
  3. Feb 18 – Mar 4 Avri Ohana Retrospective
  4. Mar 10 – Mar 25 Caplan; Ciarrocchi; Gechtoff; Granne drawing
  5. Mar 31 – April 15 Stephen Hall painting
  6. Apr 21 – May 16 Roger Braimon “Network” painting, collage
  7. June 2 – June 17 John Silver; curator. Fed..of Modern Painters and Sculptors
  8. June 23 – July 8 Kenneth Golden, curator: group Limited Edition Prints
  9. July 14 – July 29 Anita Steckel and friends painting and multi-media
  10. Aug 9 – Aug 26 Summer Light VII: Westbeth group show
  11. Sept 15 – Sept 30 Dolly Unithan: mixed media
  12. Oct 6 – Oct 21 Peter Ruta: painting
  13. Oct 27 – Nov 11 Jean Promutico: painting retrospective
  14. Nov 24 – Dec 9 Winter Solstice Show Part 1: drawing, photo, sculpture CANCELLED DUE TO HURRICANE SANDY
  15. Dec 22 – Jan 6 Winter Solstice Show Part 2:Painting, watercolor, prints CANCELLED DUE TO HURRICANE SANDY


  1. Jan 17 – Jan 27 ARCHIPELAGO: Works by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Artists-in-Residence Governor’s Island 2012
  2. Feb 2 – Feb 17 Barbara Slitkin painting
  3. Feb 23 – Mar 10 Rebecca Danker, Marion Lane painting; sculpture
  4. March 16 – Mar 31 Hugh Morris and Viorica Stan painting & prints
  5. Apr 6 – Apr 21 Jackie Lipton painting
  6. Apr 27 – May 12 Christina Maile, Parviz Mohassel, Edward Casey, Megan Claire
  7. May 18 – June 2 Patricia Hacker painting
  8. June 8 – June 23 PRATT SENIOR THESIS Flame Proof
  9. June 29 – July 14 JUDY LAWNE photography
  10. July 20 – Aug. 11 SUMMER LIGHT Group Show
  11. Aug 12 – Aug 20 Gallery is dark for maintenance
  14. Oct 12 – Oct 27 PENNY JONES Retrospective Painting
  15. Nov 2 – Nov 17 ROBERT LUDWIG
  16. Dec 14 – Jan 5 THE GRANTS SHOW featuring artists who have won grants for their visual arts work.


  1. Jan 22 -29 Gallery available for artists photo shoots, etc< /li>
  2. Feb 1 – 16  OMENS OF CLIMATE CHANGE, curator Jon Bauch
  3. Mar 1 – 16  FLYZONE curated by Claudia Vargas
  4. Mar 22 – Apr 6  HEDY O’BEIL
  5. Apr 12 – Apr 27  WITNESS: CEDAR TAVERN PHONE BOOTH SHOW, curated by Gwynne Duncan, John Carruthers
  6. May 3 – May 18  JEAN PROMUTICO
  7. May 24 – June 15  TIME FRAMES MARKING TIME, curators Elisa Decker and Barbara Lubliner
  8. June 21 – July 6  A BIT OF BRIT Samantha Hall, curator
  9. July 12 – July 27   NEON 15,000 VOLT Natalia Sharymova, curator
  11. Aug 30 – Sept 14  Wil Swink – The Road – D Constuction:
    A Multigenerational Support System
    Ian Schaff, Curator
  12. Sept 20 – Oct 5  CITY AS SUBJECT Peter Xico Greenwald, curator
  13. Oct 11 – Oct 26  DISCORD AND HARMONY Josef Zutlgte and Patrica Dillon, curators>
  15. Dec 6   Westbeth artists Call for Art
  16. Dec 13 – Jan 4  End of Season Show Westbeth Artists