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Open House Open Studios 2017 Poster


Open House Open Studios 2017 Poster

Westbeth is the largest live-work artist community in the United States. Westbeth residents lead 1 hour tours throughout this landmarked building.

First hour tour departs at 12 noon.
Last hour tour departs at 5pm

New tour every 30 minutes


Registration in Westbeth Courtyard
155 Bank Street between Washington and West Sts.


Explore dozens of artists’studios amd meet the artists in their work spaces.

Visits are un-guided, and visitors travel at their own pace.

Studios are open 12 – 6pm

Individual Artists will be selling their work

Studio Roster in Westbeth Courtyard
155 Bank St between Washington and West Sts.



Robert Bunkin: An Illustrated Talk on
Giovanni Battista Moroni


Giovanni Battista Moroni (ca. 1523-1579) is known among cognoscenti of Renaissance painting, but is relatively little-known compared to such masters as Titian and Raphael.

He painted superb, and uncannily modern-looking portraits of the people in his community: nobility, ecclesiasts, officials, intellectuals and merchants, including the earliest portrait of a skilled tradesman, Moroni’s famous Portrait of a Tailor in London’s National Gallery.

Despite his limited renown, his work can be found in most of the major art museums of the world, including about 22 works in American museums (the Metropolitan Museum owns 3). His reputation has recently soared, due to an historic exhibition at London’s Royal Academy in 2015. Plans are now afoot for the first NYC solo show of his work at the Frick Collection in 2019.

Robert Bunkin, former Curator of Art at the Staten Island Museum and figurative painter, has studied Moroni’s work in depth for over 40 years. He has traveled to see most of Moroni’s paintings, and will have recently returned from a visit to Moroni’s cities: Bergamo and Albino, having met with Dr. Simone Facchinetti, the scholar of Moroni who is currently preparing a new catalogue of Moroni’s complete works. Dr. Facchinetti, Director of the Adriano Bernareggi Museum of Sacred Art in Bergamo, has curated numerous exhibitions about Moroni in the past two decades (including the Royal Academy show, co-curated with Arturo Galansino). The publication of Dr. Facchinetti’s catalogue is planned to coincide with the Moroni exhibition at the Frick Collection.

Mr. Bunkin’s talk will be profusely illustrated with works primarily in American Museums. He will also address Moroni’s influence on later artists, such as Van Dyck, Velazquez, Kauffman, Reynolds, Whistler, and Cassatt.

A Free event sponsored by Westbeth Artists Residents Council

Happy Hour Sept 10th

West Village Happy Hour from
Westbeth Artists Residents Council
and Grove Pharmacy

Happy Hour Sept 10th

West Village Happy Hour is a social event for the West Village Neighborhood.
Held in the Westbeth Community room, sponsored by the Westbeth Artists Residents Council and Grove Pharmacy, your neighborhood pharmacy on 8th Avenue, this event is for people of all ages. It includes live music, refreshments and a short presentation on a timely subject – Not to Worry.

Penny Jones Puppets Oct 1

PEPPI AND THE POP UP DRAGON Penny Jones & Co Puppets
Early Childhood Theater

Penny Jones Puppets Oct 1

The new season of Penny Jones & Puppets Early Childhood Theater begins!

Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 11 AM & 2:30 PM

Peppi and the Pop-Up Dragon
A puppet show inside a giant 12-foot pop-up book with the audience creating the sounds and songs.
The sun rises and sets over a happy fishing village with bells that ring, babies who are rocked and boats that go out to sea. But the town is threatened by the pop-up dragon from the Blue Mountain. How will Peppi save the day?

With a special Dragon making mini-workshop after the show


“ The townspeople were alarmed. How would they survive? (talk about problem solving and cooperation!) They solved the problem, but you’d have to see this remarkable show to find out how. What a pleasurable experience. All I heard after this performance was “How charming!”
-Puppet Master, Puppetry Guild of Greater New York

“It succinctly reminded me of what a wealth of resources we have in children’s theatre….charming”
-Puppeteers of America Puppetry Journal

“Very simple, and perfect as an introduction to theatre.”
-New York Magazine

-The New York Times

Performed at the Henson International Festival at the Public Theater

Tickets on sale at and Eventbrite
or CASH ONLY at the door starting 20 minutes before the show
Tickets are $10 for all ages
Show Times: 11 AM & 2:30 PM
All Ages – Great for 3 to 8

Address: Westbeth Community Room
155 Bank Street between Washington and West Streets
Enter through courtyard
Stroller Parking
Shows Run about 45 Minutes
Information: (212) 924-0525

BUS AND SUBWAY: M14A, M11, M20, (2 blocks)
A, C, E, L, 1, 2, 3 (5 or 6 blocks)




July 21 – August 11, 2017
Wednesday – Sunday
12pm – 7pm

Discursive Selves explores the contested meaning of the Self Portrait. This collection of photography and film by eleven contemporary artists reveals nuanced definitions of selfhood that acknowledge the influence of one’s social environment on one’s inner sense of identity. These artists use the camera to navigate between both fluid and fixed perceptions of the Self, and are thus able to present who they are on their own terms.

The Self Portrait plays an essential role in the development and establishment of one’s identity— it informs and is informed, creates and is created, is both concrete and ephemeral. For some, it manifests as an artifact, a material body, or a form of testimony; for others, it is a projection, a speculation, or a performance. Working in a new genre of critical photography, these artists play with the paradox of “public intimacy” to explore the relationship between private life and public persona. Portrayals of the Self range from fictitious characters and imagined scenarios to biological self-studies or familial ties.

Discursive Selves dissects the myriad practices of formulating oneself as both an intimate ritual and a method of responding to one’s outer world. In a rapidly expanding global information society, this exhibition invites a moment of pause for contemplation in contemporary life.

Farah Al Qasimi
Aneta Bartos
Nicolas Bloise
Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.
Nona Faustine
Rindon Johnson
Tommy Kha
Pixy Liao
Matthew Morrocco
Bryson Rand
Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Curated by Eric Lawton & Daphne Takahashi

Westbeth Gallery
55 Bethune St
New York, NY 10014

This exhibition is made possible through the support of Art + Commerce

Abandone Roller Coaster photo Tom Duncan

TOM DUNCAN Lost Coney Island

Abandone Roller Coaster photo Tom Duncan

Abandone Roller Coaster photo Tom Duncan

While Tom Duncan’s photographs of Cony Island offer a visual document of Coney Island today, the boardwalk snack stands or abandoned amusement rides, they also evoke the photographer’s personal memories of Cony Island of the past and the dramatic changes he has witnessed there over the years.

Tom Duncan  Photo by Karen Santry

Tom Duncan Photo by Karen Santry

Tom Duncan was born in Scotland in 1939. He attended the Art Students League and the National Academy School of Fine Art. He lives and works in Westbeth and is one of the original tenants. His is basically a sculptor. He has been documenting Cony Island since the 1970’s. His photography is completely self – taught.

Check Andrew Edlin Gallery website for further information on his sculpture:

Microsoft Word -  PAUL FINALLY .docx


Microsoft Word -  PAUL FINALLY .docx

Painter Paul Muranyi is a Manhattan based artist who grew up in Westbeth Artists Housing. Both parents were artists his father a Jazz Musician and mother a fine arts painter/teacher. It was a common event in his house hold for him to play catch with Louis Armstrong and borrow his mother’s paints to create artwork and displayed proudly in the apt.
D06E2141-7480-42CC-B238-F23703DB4FF1 Paul’s interest in his current series reflects his long- time curiosity of dramatic events. Paul’s earlier career as a heavy metal guitar player performing predominantly in the East Village and eventually transitioned to a quest for a more stable life as he joined Westbeth Artist painter Karen Santry in her company the High -Tech Design Loft.
2EC3E3DE-33A0-42CE-AF08-5D083A8D5711Paul began experimenting with the computer parts and bright phone wires and plastic shapes working on 3-D collages. He began his studies at the School of Visual Arts resulting in his BFA in painting and had his first how with colleague Karen Young in the Westbeth Gallery. He has shown in over 28 galleries in group exhibitions throughout Manhattan and Florida.
B150EE99-B5B7-49D2-A5F5-D58D12BC458APaul’s current show in the Westbeth Hallway Gallery celebrates his third production of small and large oil painting series: Weather Events 3. His choice of only the most dramatic events in weather depict arresting combinations of moody lighting featuring lightening, tornadoes, icebergs, starlight evenings with coincidental sightings of shooting stars, comets or aurora borealis. Paul Muranyi evokes a sense of charged mystery and beauty through his combinations which manipulate an adroitly intuitive balance between realism and abstraction- taking the viewer through the familiar and the unknown.


at @halbromm2A



Opening Reception: May 24th, 6:30 PM- 9:30 PM
Show Dates: May 24 – July 15, 2017
90 West Broadway
corner of Chambers

“I have always tried to make paintings that are beautiful and arresting. Paintings that stop you in your tracks. Whether by the use of color and composition or odd juxtaposition of subject matter.
The idea is to make the viewer do a double-take and then get drawn in and perhaps ask questions.

These new paintings are motivated by the current political climate. As Joe Strummer once said: “If you want to tell the truth, you’ve really got to be specific”.


The total disregard of human rights via the increasingly militarized police force, immigration policies, and environmental prospects our planet faces leads me to realize that in the US and globally, we have a conflict of interest.” – Stephen Hall