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Arizona Memories Ray Ciarrocchi

Ray Ciarrocchi
Arizona Memories:
Paintings of the
Sonoran Desert

Arizona Memories Ray Ciarrocchi

Discovering the desert was for me an extraordinary, visual experience. I found what seemed to be an endless space of golden mornings and more than vivid sunsets. A beautiful place, but also a land of dangerous, cruel heat. What would seem to be a colorless expanse of sand and rock was upon close and extensive study, rich in contrasting color tonalities. A landscape which does not reveal its visual qualities easily but when it does the rewards for painting are infinite.

Ray Ciarrocchi is a New York based figurative painter. Ciarrocchi has presented numerous solo exhibitions in New York, additional US cities and Italy as well as dozens of group exhibitions in varied locations and venues. His paintings, watercolors, drawings and monotypes are in many museum and private collections both nationally and abroad. He is married to painter Sandra Caplan. Their daughter Maya Ciarrocchi is a video artist.

Balance & Strength Training

Balance and Strength Training Class

Balance & Strength Training

Mondays from 2PM – 3PM

Westbeth Community Room

Jennifer Gibson is certified through the reputable Integral Yoga Institute of New York City, which has served the West Village community and surrounding areas for over 50 years.

Jennifer has been a Yoga Instructor for the past 12 years, specializing in yoga for seniors since 2011.
She is thrilled to share the tools of yoga with seniors for balance and building strength. In Jennifer’s current work with seniors, what began as one class quickly grew into three different classes per week, each packed with 20-30 students. Participants range between the ages of early 60s to early 90s and have a wide variety of ability.

Jennifer is passionate about making the practice of yoga accessible to everyone. She loves how appreciative seniors are to learn yoga and how much they look forward to every class, and she is excited to bring the benefits of yoga to the Westbeth community.


Feldenkrais Class


$5.00 per class

Contact: Sandra Kingsbury westbethevents

Sponsored by Westbeth Beautfication Committee

Doron Tadmor is a Feldenkrais Guild certified teacher

Class lasts 1 hour

The Feldenkrais Method consists of verbally directed movement sequences presented primarily to groups. A lesson generally lasts from thirty to sixty minutes. Each lesson is usually organized around a particular function.

Feldenkrais’Awareness Through Movement lessons, people engage in precisely structured movement explorations that involve thinking, sensing, moving, and imagining. Many are based on developmental movements and ordinary functional activities. Some are based on more abstract explorations of joint, muscle, and postural relationships. The lessons consist of comfortable, easy movements that gradually evolve into movements of greater range and complexity.

Feldenkrais’ lessons attempt to make one aware of his/her habitual neuromuscular patterns and rigidities and to expand options for new ways of moving while increasing sensitivity and improving efficiency. There are hundreds of Awareness Through Movement lessons contained in the Feldenkrais Method that vary, for all levels of movement ability, from simple in structure and physical demand, to more difficult lessons.

A major goal of the Feldenkrais Method is to learn how one’s most basic functions are organized and improve. By experiencing the details of how one performs any action, the student has the opportunity to learn how to:

attend to his/her whole self
eliminate unnecessary energy expenditure
mobilize his/her intentions into actions
learn and improve

EVE ZANNI Sing Time Eve Zanni

with Eve Zanni

EVE ZANNI Sing Time Eve Zanni

Sing Time Sessions with live piano accompaniment, vocal warm-ups, rhythmic body movement, ear training and improvisation. No Experience Necessary!

Eve Zanni, jazz artist and Somatic Voice teacher, has taught voice for over 2 decades, directed choirs for the Metropolitan Opera Guild, and teaches Circle improvisation.

Lessons are sponsored by Westbeth Artists Residents Council

Abandone Roller Coaster photo Tom Duncan

TOM DUNCAN Lost Coney Island

Abandone Roller Coaster photo Tom Duncan

Abandone Roller Coaster photo Tom Duncan

While Tom Duncan’s photographs of Cony Island offer a visual document of Coney Island today, the boardwalk snack stands or abandoned amusement rides, they also evoke the photographer’s personal memories of Cony Island of the past and the dramatic changes he has witnessed there over the years.

Tom Duncan  Photo by Karen Santry

Tom Duncan Photo by Karen Santry

Tom Duncan was born in Scotland in 1939. He attended the Art Students League and the National Academy School of Fine Art. He lives and works in Westbeth and is one of the original tenants. His is basically a sculptor. He has been documenting Cony Island since the 1970’s. His photography is completely self – taught.

Check Andrew Edlin Gallery website for further information on his sculpture: