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Artifacts & After Effects

Culture Push:
Artifacts and After Effects

Artifacts & After Effects

Culture Push presents interactive and engaging works from 13 artists who developed or are developing projects through the Fellowship for Utopian Practice, which supports artists as they develop strategies for civic and engagement and stage projects that are experimental, ambitious, and politically thoughtful.

Participating Artists: Nancy Nowacek, Alicia Grullon, Chloë Bass, Jen Kennedy & Liz Linden, Go! Push Pops (Katie Cercone & Elisa Garcia de la Huerta), Barrie Cline, Olaronke Akinmowo, aricoco, Sarah Dahnke, Lise Brenner, Victoya Venise, James Andrews, and Aiesha Turman.

Opening Reception 6pm – 8pm.
At 7pm there will be a performance from members of Dances for Solidarity, the project of current Culture Push Fellow, Sarah Dahnke.

Performers will integrate choreography that has been received from incarcerated pen pals with the original Dance for Solidarity — a series of movements sent to individuals in solitary confinement with an invitation to dance and create a sense of solidarity with others both incarcerated and not who may be doing the dance at the same time.

Gloria Miguel in MATERIAL WITNESS at La Mama in association with Spiderwoman Theater


Show Dates: May 12 – 15, 18, 22, 26-29, 2016
Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sundays at 2pm

Location: LaMaMa
74A E4th St

$18; $13 students and seniors
Box Office 646 430 5374
Online Tickets: www.lamama,org

MATERIAL WITNESS Here you are free to tell your stories…
by Spiderwoman Theater and Aanmitaagizi and A Loose Change Production
Directed by Muriel Miguel

Written and Performed by
Cherish Violet Blood
Donna Couteau
Gloria Miguel
Penny Couchie
Ange Loft
Tanis Parenteau

MATERIAL WITNESS is part of La MaMa’s Safe Harbors Indigenous Arts/Theater Collective

Ken Golden and Valentina DuBasky
Carter Burden Gallery
May 19 – June 9, 2016


Participating Artists

Journeys: Barbara Arum and Valentina DuBasky
Structural Breakdown 3.0: Robert W Petrick
On the Wall: Ken Golden

Show Dates: May 19 – June 9, 2016

Location: Carter Burden Gallery
548 West 28th Street #534
B/w 10th and 11th Avenues
New York, New York

Marlena Vaccaro, Curator

Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Friday 11am – 5 pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm

Jack Dowling featured in WestView News April 2016 series
West Village Original

photo David Plakke

photo David Plakke

Article by Michael D Minichuello
This month’s West Village Original is painter and writer John (Jack) Dowling, born in Woodbridge, New Jersey in 1931. After attending Cooper Union and teaching in Italy for a few years, he settled in New York to be a painter before eventually turning to writing. His stories have been published in the Hamilton Stone Review, the Barcelona Review, A&U Magazine, and American Writing. He has been a resident of WestBeth since 1971 and for fourteen of those years served as Director of the gallery there as well.

Jack Dowling spent the first two decades of his life in New York City as a painter. “There were centers of activity in the Village and I just quietly began to paint,” he says. “At some point I gave up painting abstractly because I wasn’t sure where that was going. One day, I picked up a snapshot of my parents on their wedding day and decided to make a painting from that. I developed that into a kind of semi-abstraction and got very involved in the sense of light, color, and shadow. That resulted in a whole series of paintings that had their initial source in photographs.”

What made him stop painting and take up writing? “It sounds like a sob story,” he says, laughing. “I had a large loft and I got involved in a court case trying to save it. It cost me money that I didn’t have, which sent me into the job market and diverted me from my painting. After three years, I lost the loft and I was homeless at 40!” He laughs. “But I got myself reorganized and into WestBeth in a ‘starter’ apartment. I was still working at the job that I had gotten to survive but I had also decided I didn’t want to paint anymore. In the meantime, I began to jot down various short observations and channel my creative energy in that direction.”

Does he find writing different than painting?……

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Kate Walter in interview about her book, “Looking for a Kiss” on LesBe Real Radio talk.

Air Date: March 3, 2016

Kate Walter author of the memoir Looking for a Kiss: A Chronicle of
Downtown Heartbreak and Healing hits home as she shares this captivating story with LesBe Real Team. Looking for a Kiss details the breakup of the author’s 26 year lesbian relationship and how she rebuilt her life emotionally and financially after being left broke and broken hearted. Her book has a hopeful message for anyone single after being in a long term relationship: you can heal your life and land up in a better place.
Kate’s essays and opinion pieces have appeared in The New York Times,
Newsday, New York Daily News, AM-NY, the Advocate, and many other outlets.
An award-winning writer who specializes in essays, memoir and creative
nonfiction, Kate teaches writing at CUNY and NYU. Kate has been living in
Manhattan since 1975 when she escaped across the river from New Jersey.

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