Balance & Strength Training

Balance and Strength Training Class

Balance & Strength Training

Mondays from 2PM – 3PM

Westbeth Community Room

Jennifer Gibson is certified through the reputable Integral Yoga Institute of New York City, which has served the West Village community and surrounding areas for over 50 years.

Jennifer has been a Yoga Instructor for the past 12 years, specializing in yoga for seniors since 2011.
She is thrilled to share the tools of yoga with seniors for balance and building strength. In Jennifer’s current work with seniors, what began as one class quickly grew into three different classes per week, each packed with 20-30 students. Participants range between the ages of early 60s to early 90s and have a wide variety of ability.

Jennifer is passionate about making the practice of yoga accessible to everyone. She loves how appreciative seniors are to learn yoga and how much they look forward to every class, and she is excited to bring the benefits of yoga to the Westbeth community.

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