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Jack Dowling

Jack Dowling – painter, printmaker , and writer was named the
first Westbeth Icon. See video of the celebratory evening on Nov 19, 2017.

Jack Dowling

Jack Dowling

Westbeth Icons is a project sponsored by Westbeth Artists Residents Council from a grant provided by NYC Councilperson Corey Johnson.

The project seeks to celebrate Westbeth’s senior artists who continue to produce work and in so doing provide inspiration for us all.

The first Westbeth Icon is Jack Dowling, who in addition to his painting, and printmaking, and writing short stories for the Hamilton Stone Review, among others, served also as the Westbeth Gallery Director for over 12 years. In that capacity he helped numerous artists with hanging their shows, curating their work, and writing letters of support to grant-giving cultural organizations.

On November 19, 2017, was an evening of celebration. It consisted of a filmed interview by Terry Stoller, heart-felt speeches by Beverly Brodsky, Jayne Holsinger, William Kennon, Christina Maile, and Jack’s brother, Douglas. The evening ended with a presentation of a Tiffany pen from Westbeth Artists Residents Council President, Geo Cominskie.

A video of the evening was filmed by Ted Timreck and Christina Maile, and edited by Tim Timreck


KARIN BATTEN at June Kelly Gallery, 166 Mercer Street, NYC, “Celebrating 30 Years”, Gallery Artists, Drawings and Photography, from December 21, 2017 to January 30th, 2018.

THE GIFT Karin Batten

THE GIFT Karin Batten

The many different materials I use create complex and poetic works layered with meaning of open seas and land.
I play organic shapes against geometric patterns. Some forms are scraped and layered while others are fully present. I work spontaneously and intuitively.
Since I moved to New York City I have been fascinated by the scale of its buildings, reminiscent of mountains and deep valleys. The seemingly fragmented city merges into one cohesive unit, that needs the collective in order to continue to evolve, grow, and prosper. However, it is not until the many layers, textures, strokes and colors intertwine that the composition comes into focus and the true magnificence of New York City’s skyline and terrain is captured.

More info on Karin Batten HERE</strong>

Karin Batten and Christina Maile featured in the Spring 2018 print edition of San Francisco Peace and Hope Journal

THE GIFT Karin Batten

THE GIFT Karin Batten

San Francscio Peace and Hope is a literary journal devoted to poetry and visual art.

The current political climate is one of the most unsettling in the history of our country. Politicians throw words around carelessly and dangerously – and this year Trumpism has brought forth a sad new model.

The fact is, words matter. Images matter. If anyone understands this, it is the poet and the artist. We need words and images that pave the way for evolution; words and images that can be part of history, that one hundred, two hundred, one thousand years into the future, people will look back on and be inspired.

HISTORY OF THE WORLD Part 1 Christina Maile

HISTORY OF THE WORLD Part 1 Christina Maile

At SF Peace and Hope we believe that the most important moment is now. How shall we use this moment in time? We need to choose carefully. Every word, every image, every action makes an impact for ourselves and the world. With a creative act there is always a new beginning, always a fresh hope when a poem or painting is created.
– Editor, Elizabeth Hack

Arizona Memories Ray Ciarrocchi

Ray Ciarrocchi
Arizona Memories:
Paintings of the
Sonoran Desert

Arizona Memories Ray Ciarrocchi

Discovering the desert was for me an extraordinary, visual experience. I found what seemed to be an endless space of golden mornings and more than vivid sunsets. A beautiful place, but also a land of dangerous, cruel heat. What would seem to be a colorless expanse of sand and rock was upon close and extensive study, rich in contrasting color tonalities. A landscape which does not reveal its visual qualities easily but when it does the rewards for painting are infinite.

Ray Ciarrocchi is a New York based figurative painter. Ciarrocchi has presented numerous solo exhibitions in New York, additional US cities and Italy as well as dozens of group exhibitions in varied locations and venues. His paintings, watercolors, drawings and monotypes are in many museum and private collections both nationally and abroad. He is married to painter Sandra Caplan. Their daughter Maya Ciarrocchi is a video artist.

Westbeth Movie Night Feb 9

Westbeth Movie Night:
Into the Arms of Strangers

Westbeth Movie Night Feb 9

Filmmakers Mark Johnson Harris’ Oscar-winning documentary tells the story of an underground railroad – the Kindertransport – that saved the lives of over 10,000 Jewish children at the dawn of World War 2.

Through interviews and archival footage, the survivors movingly recount being taken from their families and being sent to live with strangers in the relative safety of England.

Judi Dench narrates.

Grove Opoids Feb 11

Let’s Talk Opioids
A Free Event by
Grove Pharmacy and Westbeth

Grove Opoids Feb 11

Grove Pharmacy
302 West 12th Street
New York, NY
(212) 242-6193

Grove Pharmacy has been a neighborhood institution in the West Village for many years. Partnering with the Westbeth Artists Residents Councils, this is the 4th in a series of free events that discuss and advise on community health issues.

With Llana Aminov, BSPharm, RPH

More info on Grove Pharmacy HERE

Eve Zanni and the Sing Time Singers will provide live music. Goody bag, and Refreshments.

Juanita McNeeley  photo by Dean Kaufman

Juanita McNeeley, Westbeth artist,
featured in NYT T Magazine, Feminist Pioneers Making Provocative Art about Sex Oct 31, 2017 edition

Juanita McNeeley  photo by Dean Kaufman

Juanita McNeeley photo by Dean Kaufman

Excerpt from the T Magazine article
by Rachel Corbet

Now, though, some of the most revelatory art on sexual themes is being made by women like Bernstein, Betty Tompkins, Juanita McNeely and Joan Semmel, best known for their paintings, and multidisciplinary artists like Schneemann and Valie Export, among others, all of whom have been producing their work for decades to little notice — if not outright persecution — from critics, curators and audiences.

Read entire article HERE


More Mother Goose Tales with The Three Little Pigs Presented by Penny Jones & Co Puppets and Early Childhood Puppet Theater



“Very simple, and perfect as an introduction to theatre.” -New York Magazine
“Charming.” -The New York Times

Sunday December 17, 2017
Two Shows: 11:00AM and 2:30 PM

More Mother Goose Tales with The Three Little Pigs
More Classic Tales and Fables. Toby returns with more fun for the very young including The Three Little Pigs and the story of Boswell, the Polar Bear (who happens to drift south on his iceberg to chance upon friendly southern animals before he is blown back to the North Pole).

“I like it that such care went into the making of these shows.I was struck by the fullness of detail and the surprising elaborateness of the sets. The three little pigs really looked piggy for a change, with pink, rotund bodies and the right shaped ears and snouts.”
-Village Voice

“Warm, friendly atmosphere for the beguiling presentation.”
-Gannet Newspapers

WESTBETH Home to the Arts
between West and Washington Street in the West Village
Tickets on sale at and Eventbrite

or CASH ONLY at the door starting 20 minutes before the show

Tickets are $10 for everyone
Show Times: 11 AM & 2:30 PM
All Ages – Great for 3 to 8

Stroller Parking
Shows Run about 45 Minutes

Information: (212) 924-0525

BUS AND SUBWAY: M14A, M11, M20, (2 blocks)
A, C, E, L, 1, 2, 3 (5 or 6 blocks)
“A Child’s first experience with theater is important and forming. Quality counts.” – Penny Jones

PENNY JONES & CO. PUPPETS has been a mainstay of children’s theater in New York since the 1970’s. The company specializes in informal puppet shows for children aged three to eight, and puppet ballets with live music for audiences of adults, children or both. The company performs in collaboration with chamber ensembles and orchestras. The repertory includes adaptations of classical works as well as original stories and scores. In schools, the company has performed hundreds of times, and Penny has a wide variety of programs from puppet pageants with a cast and crew of 30 to 90 school children, to workshops for small classes, and Penny’s “One on One” – interweaving puppetry, storytelling, movement and arts.

The company has appeared on television, in the Henson International Puppet Festival at the Public Theatre, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, at BAM with the Brooklyn Philharmonic, at City Center, Avery Fisher Hall, and in museums including The Museum of the City of New York, The Children’s Museum of New York, the American Museum of Natural History, at Emelin, Wave Hill, the Washington Square Music Festival, at venues from Macy’s to Barnes & Noble, and with orchestras at Bargemusic, Casa de España, Greenwich House Music School, with the New Jersey Symphony, and many, many, more…