Val Hawk – musician

Val Hawk and 3Spirit—Vicki Doney, Nancy Reed, and Val Hawk

3Spirit is three accomplished vocalists/instrumentalists.  Their original compositions and arrangements of standards run the gamut from jazz, blues, R n’ B to pop and express the human range of emotions from sexy, to sardonic, to the sunshine of maternal love.  3Spirit can be heard on a diverse array of recordings, from “Tony Caruso’s Final Broadcast” a modern opera recently released on the Naxos label, to ABC’s Schoolhouse Rock with Bob Dorough, for whom they sing backup in their first incarnation as The Bobettes.  This last year, they were featured on Public Radio’s Homegrown Music and most recently appeared at the COTA Jazz Festival.  Vicki Doney can be heard Monday nights at The Garage with the Howard Williams Orchestra.  Nancy Reed sings with The Edward Ellington Legacy Band. Val Hawk, when not writing or arranging for 3Spirit, is working on the completion of her long awaited jazz CD, Dream.


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