Sandra Caplan – painter

My work explores the possibilities of still life. At first glance the compositions appear casual, but there is a complex formality to them that is the culmination of acute observation heightened by a highly developed sense of color.

Red Scarf and Sea oil on linen 44 x 32 inches 2008

Magnolias and Tower oil on linen 42 x 32 inches 2009

Garland oil on linen 40 x 32 inches 2009

Pomegranate and Sea oil on linen 44 x 32 inches 2007

Still Life at Atri oil on linen 32 X 40 inches 2009

Paisley oil on linen 44 x 22 inches 2008


Sandra Caplan
463 West St #1004D
New York, NY 10014
212 691 0595


Artist’s Statement

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