Melissa Zollo

MELISSA ZOLLO Internationally Celebrated Imagist, and Author, focused on the Power of Imagination, Consciousness, and the Art of Manifestation.

Melissa Zollo is the author of several highly successful audio programs: “Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation,” “How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money,” and “Melissa’s Secrets on the Law of Vibration. Her eBooks include 3 volumes of “Daily Appetizers for Making Life a Feast.”

Melissa is known for being “street smart and spirit wise”! A regular on many radio shows, she explains how to use the Universal Laws of Success, and how to face personal and professional challenges by designing successful blueprints and beliefs as you tap into the Power Within. Melissa  shows you why so often people get the opposite of what they dream of and explains how to take full and systematic control of inner resources; how to “image” to increase self-confidence and a sense of worth; and how to achieve success and the fulfillment of personal dreams.

Her clear voice, vision, and wisdom have helped people from all walks of life, including Finance, Health, Publishing, Entertainment, and the Arts.  She is certified in reading the Akashic Records and is an expert on the Imaginal Dynamic, the Power of Imagination, and How to Think Yourself to Health and Wealth. Melissa can identify your mental blueprint, and explain how your past memory and images are influencing your financial, personal and professional life now. She is known for her “Dream Your Life Into Being” lectures and teleseminars..

Melissa takes you beyond the limits of everyday thinking and shows you how to “IMAGE FIRST” and helps you to release amazing abundance into your life.

The Present Memory  website is offers TOOLS FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE. Ms Zollo began her career in New York as an actor and has worked at the New York Shakespeare Festival, Cubiculo, IRT, New Dramatists, Open Space, St. Marks, Courtyard, Italian American Playwrights, Merce Cunningham, The Kitchen, and Soho Arts Theatre. Boston credits include Boston Repertory and The Charles Playhouse; as well as Chicago’s St. Nicholas Repertory Company. Ms. Zollo was the Artistic Director for the Prison Performing Arts in association with the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in CT for three seasons. She is also a produced playwright, a well respected Meisner Acting teacher/coach, the author of “Discover the Power of Imagination” CD program and a noted speaker on how to Dream Your World Into Being. Ms. Zollo is currently the Artistic Director of  WESTPLAY: The Dream Tree Playwright’s Project.


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