John Dobbs

Lower Depths 24"x 24" oil on canvas 2002

Turning the Double Play 24"x 24" oil on canvas 2002

Incident on the Wire 24"x 24" oil on canvas 2002


Boy I love to paint, been doing it my whole life! Painting is the best thing ever, and if I’m curious or confused about anything, I just paint. I’ll paint pretty much anything, any day of the week. Man, I love this painting stuff. If I’m not home, I’m probably out painting.


My life is really just all about painting, since I have always painted. I was a painting toddler and a painting adolescent. I even ate paint when I was a kid. OK I still do. Boy, oh boy, painting is my life. look at my paintings if you want a bio, it’s all there. I love painting.


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