afua kafi-akua

Buddha and 7th Avenue: digital photograph

Caribana King, digital photograph 2009

Femi Kuti Celebrates Brooklyn, digital photograph

La Belle of the Ball - Apollo Phoenix, digital photograph

7th Avenue South, digital photograph

Afro Caribana, digital photograph 2009

I consider myself an artist activist. It is my mission to use the artistic gifts that the creator blessed me with to touch the hearts and minds of others with positive words and positive images, hopefully becoming a catalyst for eradicating some of the pain, hatred and violence that has become the 21st century.
I have always been an “other” in all of the arenas where I live my life. I see my art as a place where I can wear all of my skins then gently peel away each vision, every thought, layer by layer, revealing my soil.

Bio Resume

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